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Solar Eclipse General Knowledge Quiz for Kids

Solar Eclipse 2022: As we know that there will be a solar eclipse on 25 October 2022. Here we are providing some interesting solar quiz based on how solar eclipse occurs and their types. Participate in Solar Eclipse General Knowledge Quiz.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

Sun is the center of all the planets. Consider that the Earth and all the other planets revolve around the Sun. On the other hand, the Moon revolves around the Earth. On the one hand, where the Earth takes 365 days to revolve around the Sun. On the other hand, it takes 27 days for the moon to make one round. During the orbit of the Moon, it sometimes comes between the Sun and the Earth and blocks the sunlight.

Solar Eclipse: GK Quiz Based on Surya Grahan

Here we are providing some interesting solar eclipse multiple-choice questions based on the phenomenon and types of Solar Eclipse. Let’s get more information about Solar Eclipse through this quiz.

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Complete the following quiz and see how much you really know about solar eclipses. solar and lunar eclipse quiz with answers.


We hope you would like this General Knowledge astronomical phenomena Online MCQ Quiz on the Occasion of Solar Eclipse to raise awareness among students. Share and Challenge your friends to score more than you with this Online Quiz about Solar Eclipse. You can find more General Knowledge Quizzes with answers on this website. 

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