Shocking Court Ruling: Parents Must Pay for School AC—Not Just Schools!

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Breaking: Delhi High Court Stirs Controversy with New School AC Cost Ruling!

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Court Dismisses Petition Against AC Fees in Schools The Delhi High Court has dismissed a petition challenging the air conditioning (AC) charges levied by a school. A father of a Class 9 student in a Delhi public school had filed the petition. The court asked why the school management should bear the AC costs alone. It emphasized that parents should contribute as well.

AC Costs in Schools: A Shared Responsibility

The court stated that installing and operating AC is for the students’ comfort. Thus, it questioned the fairness in expecting the school to handle all related expenses alone. The court pointed out that the burden of AC expenses should not fall on the school management solely.

Parents Advised to Prepare for Additional Costs

Before enrolling children in prestigious Delhi schools, parents should anticipate extra charges. These include electricity costs for classroom air conditioning. The court highlighted that the AC is a convenience for the children, similar to other educational facilities.

Monthly AC Charge of Rs 2000 Questioned

The petition detailed that the school imposed an extra fee of Rs 2000 monthly for AC usage. The parents argued that providing AC should be the school’s responsibility, funded from its budget. However, the High Court rejected this view, affirming that AC expenses are a shared responsibility.

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High Court’s Advice on School Admissions

Justices Manmohan and Manmeet Pritam Singh Arora of the Delhi High Court advised parents to carefully review the terms and conditions before admissions. They should understand all commitments, particularly as some facilities go beyond basic education and teaching.

Takeaway from the Court’s Decision

The court’s decision reiterates that educational conveniences like AC should be financially supported not just by the schools but also by the parents. This approach ensures that the costs are distributed fairly, reflecting a collective investment in the students’ comfort and well-being.

News Source: Aaj Tak

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