Road Safety Quiz by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

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Join the Exciting Road Safety Quiz by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways! Participate, Learn, and Earn Your Certificate!

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Join the ‘Quiz on Road Safety’ and Make Our Roads Safer! 

Start Date 12 Jan 2024, 9:00 pm
End Date 12 Feb 2024, 11:30 pm

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, India, in partnership with MyGov, India, is excited to announce an online Quiz on Road Safety! This important and engaging event will run from January 12, 2024, to February 12, 2024.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has teamed up with MyGov to bring you an exciting ‘Quiz on Road Safety’! This isn’t just any quiz – it’s a chance for all of us to learn more about staying safe on the roads. The Quiz on Road Safety is part of the National Road Safety Month, aiming to get everyone involved in creating safer roads for everyone.

It’s a great way to test your knowledge about road safety, and even better, it helps spread important awareness. By participating, you’re not just showing off what you know, you’re also helping to build a culture of responsible behavior on the roads. We all want our streets to be safer, right? Well, this is one fun way to make a difference!

And guess what? Everyone who takes part in the Quiz on Road Safety will get an E-Certificate of Participation. So, not only do you learn and help others, but you also get a cool certificate to show for it.

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Let’s join hands (and brains!) to make our roads safer. Participate in the quiz and be a part of this important initiative!

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Here are the simplified terms and conditions for the Road Safety Quiz organized by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and MyGov:

Traffic Signs Quiz: Can You Identify These Traffic Signs? 

Open to All Indian Citizens: Anyone who is an Indian citizen can participate in the Road Safety Quiz.

Follow the Rules: Participants need to follow all the rules of the quiz.

Timed Quiz: You have 300 seconds to answer 10 questions.

Certificates for Everyone: Every participant will get an E-Certificate.

No Penalty for Wrong Answers: Don’t worry about negative marking; it doesn’t apply here.

Eligibility: The quiz is open to all Indian citizens.

One Chance per Person: You can only take part in the quiz once.

Random Questions: The quiz questions are picked randomly.

Quiz Starts with a Click: The quiz begins as soon as you hit the ‘Start Quiz’ button.

Agree to Terms: By entering the quiz, you agree to all these terms and conditions.

No Cheating: If you’re found using unfair means, your entry could be rejected.

Not Responsible for Lost Entries: The organizers can’t be held responsible for entries that are lost, late, incomplete, or not sent due to technical issues.

Changes to the Quiz: The organizers have the right to change or cancel the quiz anytime.

Right to Disqualify: If needed, the organizers can disqualify participants.

Organizers’ Decision Final: Whatever the organizers decide about the quiz is final.

Entry Means Acceptance: Taking part in the quiz means you accept all these rules.

Keep Your Details Updated: Make sure your details like name, email, and phone number are up to date.

Indian Laws Apply: The quiz is governed by the laws of India.

These rules ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone participating in the Road Safety Quiz.

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