150+ Best Report Card Comments Samples for Students

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150+ Report Card Comments and Remarks for Students

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Report Card Remarks and Comments for Students: A report card is an essential document that reflects a student’s academic performance over a particular period. It serves as a tool for evaluating the student’s progress and identifying areas of strength and weakness.

The remarks section of the report card provides an opportunity for teachers to communicate with parents about the student’s performance and offer suggestions for improvement.

In this blog post, we will explore the different types of remarks and comments for report cards and provide instructions for writing them.

150+ Report Card Remarks and Comments for Students

Report Card Comments and Remarks 
Report Card Comments and Remarks

We created a list of some sample report card comments — starters to help you find ideas, inspiration, and insights while writing your own report cards.

Remarks and Comments for Report Card for Weak Students

When writing remarks for weak students, it is crucial to focus on their areas of improvement rather than their shortcomings. Use constructive language that encourages the student to work harder and improve. Sample remarks include:

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“With consistent effort and guidance, [student’s name] can improve their grades significantly.”

“I encourage [student’s name] to work on [specific area of weakness] to improve their overall performance.”

“Shows perseverance and determination in overcoming challenges. Continued practice will lead to improvement.”

“Struggles at times but never hesitates to ask for clarification or assistance. Keep up this curiosity and willingness to learn.”

“Is beginning to understand the concepts, however, continuous revision is needed to ensure comprehension.”

“Needs to work on applying the strategies taught in class. Additional practice will help solidify understanding.”

“Regular homework completion could significantly enhance classroom performance.”

“May benefit from using additional resources or seeking extra help after class.”

“Is often hesitant during group activities. Encouragement to participate more will help build confidence.”

“A focused effort on time management skills could improve productivity in completing tasks.”

“Showing progress, albeit slowly. Continued perseverance will lead to marked improvements.”

“Needs to work on classroom participation. Being more active during discussions will help boost comprehension and retention of topics.”

Remarks and Comments for Report Card for Kindergarten and Pre-Primary Students

For kindergarten and pre-primary students, the remarks section should focus on their social and emotional development, as well as their academic progress. Sample remarks include:

” [Student’s name] is developing excellent communication and social skills.”

“I am pleased with [student’s name]’s progress in learning the alphabet and numbers.”

“Displays a natural curiosity and eagerness to learn. Keep up the excellent work.”

“Excels in creative arts, showcasing great imagination and creativity.”

“Shows a positive attitude towards learning and enthusiastically participates in class activities.”

“Is demonstrating good progress in learning numbers and letters. Continued practice will strengthen this skill.”

“Respects classmates and listens attentively when others are speaking.”

“Continues to improve in motor skills and coordination during physical education activities.”

“Is developing strong social skills and enjoys interacting with peers during group activities.”

“Has shown noticeable improvement in recognizing and writing their own name.”

“Is working on following instructions and rules. Continued reinforcement will be beneficial.”

“Needs to work on sharing and cooperation during group play. Further development in this area will strengthen social interactions.”

Remarks and Comments for Report Card for Average Students

When writing remarks for average students, it is important to highlight their strengths and offer suggestions for improvement. Use positive language that encourages the student to continue working hard. Sample remarks include:

” [Student’s name] has made steady progress this term and has shown a positive attitude towards their studies.”

“I encourage [student’s name] to continue working hard and aim for higher grades.”

“Is developing solid work habits, which is a critical step towards achieving academic success.”

“Is on the right track and shows consistent performance. Continued effort will result in further improvement.”

“Participation in class discussions is commendable. Consistently contributing thoughtful insights will lead to deeper understanding.”

“Demonstrates a satisfactory understanding of the material. There’s potential for reaching higher levels of comprehension.”

“Completes assignments in a timely manner. Continually enhancing organizational skills can lead to higher efficiency.”

“Is an active member of group projects. Taking on more leadership roles can further enhance skills and knowledge.”

“Shows the ability to apply learned concepts effectively. Continued practice can lead to mastery.”

“Work shows promise and good understanding. There’s room for expansion on ideas and deeper analysis.”

“Is respectful and cooperative in class. Fostering this positive attitude towards learning can lead to better performance.”

“Is making good progress. Continuing to push boundaries and challenge oneself can result in substantial academic growth.”

Remarks and Comments for Report Card According to Percentage

When writing remarks according to percentage, use specific language that reflects the student’s performance accurately. Sample remarks include:

” [Student’s name] has scored [percentage] in [subject], which is an excellent achievement.”

“While [student’s name] has shown improvement in [subject], there is still room for further progress.”

90-100%: “Exemplary performance across all subjects, demonstrating a deep understanding of the material. Continue the outstanding work!”

80-89%: “Excellent grasp of subject matter, showing a strong commitment to learning. Maintain this drive to ensure continued success.”

70-79%: “Good understanding of most concepts, though there are areas for improvement. Consistent effort will boost overall performance.”

60-69%: “Satisfactory work overall, but potential to achieve higher is evident. Encouraged to invest more time in review and practice.”

50-59%: “Average performance with an understanding of basic concepts. Greater effort is required to meet grade level expectations.”

40-49%: “Work reveals some understanding, yet struggles in several areas are evident. Extra support and consistent practice is needed.”

30-39%: “Limited understanding of core concepts, with considerable room for growth. A structured study plan and additional help might be beneficial.”

20-29%: “Performance indicates a significant struggle with material. Immediate action is required to improve understanding and performance.”

10-19%: “Severe difficulties in grasping subject matter. Intensive remedial work is strongly recommended to improve understanding.”

Below 10%: “Current performance is far below grade level expectations. Urgent intervention, including tutoring or additional resources, is required.”

Remarks and Comments for Report Card for Good Students

When writing remarks for good students, it is important to acknowledge their achievements and offer challenges to keep them motivated. Sample remarks include:

“I am impressed with [student’s name]’s consistent effort and excellent academic performance.”

“I encourage [student’s name] to aim for even higher grades and take on more challenging tasks.”

“Shows an exceptional understanding of the subject matter and consistently produces high-quality work. Keep it up!”

“Regularly contributes to class discussions with insightful comments and questions. This active participation significantly enhances our learning environment.”

“Demonstrates excellent problem-solving abilities and applies classroom concepts effectively in various contexts.”

“Shows a commendable level of dedication and perseverance in all tasks. Their consistent efforts yield excellent results.”

“Their positive attitude towards learning is infectious, and it contributes to a vibrant classroom environment.”

“Displays exceptional leadership skills during group activities. Their ability to effectively communicate and coordinate with peers is highly admirable.”

“Their homework and classwork are consistently completed with a high degree of accuracy. This diligence contributes to their strong grasp of the material.”

“Shows a remarkable ability to make connections between concepts and apply them in novel situations.”

“Consistently exhibits a high level of responsibility and initiative in their learning. Their self-motivation is a model for other students.”

“Demonstrates a deep understanding of course material and consistently goes beyond the basic requirements to explore topics in more depth.”

Remarks and Comments for Report Card for Online Classes

When writing remarks for online classes, it is important to acknowledge the challenges of remote learning and encourage the student to stay engaged. Sample remarks include:

“Despite the challenges of online learning, [student’s name] has shown commendable effort and engagement.”

“I encourage [student’s name] to continue participating actively in online classes and seek help when needed.”

“Exhibits strong self-motivation in the online learning environment, regularly participating and staying engaged.”

“Struggles with maintaining focus during online classes, more regular breaks may be beneficial to improve attention span.”

“Regularly submits assignments on time, showing good time-management skills in the digital learning setting.”

“Requires additional support navigating online learning tools, further exploration and practice of these tools will enhance experience.”

“Successfully balances group and individual tasks during online learning sessions, demonstrating good collaboration and independent learning skills.”

Remarks and Comments for Report Card in One Word

When writing remarks in one word, choose adjectives that accurately describe the student’s performance. Sample remarks include:






Extra Shot: Writing remarks for report cards can be a daunting task for teachers. From weak students to good students, from online classes to pre-primary or nursery classes, every student deserves feedback that can help them grow academically and personally.

Report Card Comments and Remarks 
Report Card Comments and Remarks

General Remarks and Comments for Report Card

General remarks should provide an overall evaluation of the student’s progress and highlight areas of strength and improvement. Sample remarks include:

” [Student’s name] has shown significant progress this term and is on track to achieve their academic goals.”

“I encourage [student’s name] to continue working on their areas of weakness to achieve even better results in the next term.”

“Shows a keen understanding of the subject matter, consistently providing insightful contributions in class.”

“Requires additional practice to master the concepts covered in the course.”

“Exemplifies strong work ethic and perseverance, even when faced with challenging tasks.”

“Participates actively in class discussions, fostering a positive learning environment for peers.”

“Demonstrates strong critical thinking skills, often introducing unique perspectives in class.”

“Struggles with time management, particularly when working on complex assignments.”

“Displays commendable improvement over the course of the semester, reflecting strong commitment to learning.”

“Often finds it difficult to apply concepts learned in class to real-world situations.”

“Shows a consistent enthusiasm for learning, often going beyond the curriculum to deepen understanding.”

“Has a tendency to rush through assignments, potentially compromising the quality of work.”

Class Teacher Remarks and Comments for Report Card

Class teacher remarks should provide a comprehensive evaluation of the student’s progress across all subjects. Sample remarks include:

” [Student’s name] has shown commendable effort and progress across all subjects this term.”

“Exhibits strong leadership skills in class activities, encouraging peers to strive for their best.”

“Shows excellent focus during lessons, setting a positive example for classmates.”

“Continually excels in class assignments, demonstrating a firm grasp of the course material.”

“Active participation in class discussions is commendable, fostering a dynamic learning environment.”

“Shows exceptional organizational skills in managing assignments and meeting deadlines consistently.”

“Creativity and innovative thinking are evident in class projects and assignments.”

“Effort and dedication to learning are apparent, leading to continuous improvement in academic performance.”

“Needs to improve in class participation to fully benefit from the learning process.”

“Respectful and helpful towards peers and teachers, contributing to a positive class atmosphere.”

“Maintains a positive attitude towards learning, even when faced with challenging assignments.”

Subject-Wise Remarks and Comments for Report Card

Subject-wise remarks should focus on the student’s performance in a specific subject. It is essential to provide specific feedback and offer suggestions for improvement. Sample remarks include:

” [Student’s name] has shown excellent problem-solving skills in math.”

“I encourage [student’s name] to practice more reading comprehension exercises to improve their performance in English.”

English: “Shows strong reading comprehension skills, but could benefit from additional practice in written expression and grammar.”

Math: “Demonstrates good number sense and problem-solving skills, yet struggles with complex equations. Additional practice will enhance understanding.”

Science: “Exhibits a keen interest in scientific concepts but needs to improve in documenting and presenting experimental findings.”

Social Studies: “Understands historical events well, but could work on relating them to current societal contexts and issues.”

Language Arts: “Shows creativity in storytelling, but needs to enhance skills in punctuation and sentence structure.”

Art: “Has a distinct style and passion for creative expression but should focus more on exploring different art techniques and materials.”

Music: “Demonstrates enthusiasm during music classes, but could improve in reading sheet music and playing in tune.”

Physical Education: “Exhibits good sportsmanship, but needs to work on fitness levels and coordination to improve overall performance.”

Health: “Shows understanding of nutrition and hygiene principles but should work on applying this knowledge in daily life.”

Computer Science: “Exhibits proficiency in using software tools, but needs to focus more on understanding coding concepts and logic.”

Special Progress Remarks and Comments for Report Card

Special progress remarks are necessary for students who require additional support or have shown significant improvement. Sample remarks include:

“I am pleased with [student’s name]’s progress in overcoming their learning challenges.”

” [Student’s name] has shown exceptional improvement this term, and I commend their hard work and dedication.”

“Exhibits significant improvement in math skills, demonstrating strong problem-solving abilities and increased accuracy.”

“Showcases a remarkable progression in writing abilities, with clear communication and enhanced creativity in composition.”

“Demonstrates a pronounced growth in reading comprehension, displaying improved fluency and a better understanding of complex texts.”

“Displays remarkable development in scientific inquiry skills, exhibiting increased curiosity and deeper understanding of scientific concepts.”

“Shows marked progress in social studies, demonstrating a better grasp of historical events and their context.”

“Exhibits an exceptional improvement in art, revealing a greater understanding of various techniques and creative expression.”

“Illustrates commendable progress in physical education, demonstrating enhanced coordination, agility, and team participation.”

“Shows substantial growth in active participation during class discussions, indicating improved confidence and comprehension.”

“Displays significant development in technological skills, demonstrating proficiency in using digital tools for learning.”

“Shows great improvement in personal organization and time management skills, leading to better completion of assignments and projects.”

Positive Remarks and Comments for Report Card

Positive remarks should acknowledge the student’s strengths and provide positive feedback. Sample remarks include:

” [Student’s name] has excellent leadership skills and works well in a team.”

“I am impressed with [student’s name]’s creativity and critical thinking skills.”

“Continues to make excellent progress in all subject areas, displaying a great passion for learning.”

“Demonstrates a strong understanding of concepts and applies them effectively in coursework.”

“Shows exceptional teamwork skills during group activities and is always ready to lend a helping hand to classmates.”

“Exemplifies creativity and original thinking in assignments, presenting fresh perspectives and ideas.”

“Maintains a positive attitude and perseveres through challenges, demonstrating resilience and determination.”

“Excels in communication, effectively expressing ideas both orally and in writing.”

“Exhibits a keen sense of responsibility, regularly completing assignments on time and meeting academic obligations.”

“Displays impressive problem-solving skills, using critical thinking to navigate complex tasks.”

“Shows remarkable improvement across all subjects, reflecting the hard work and dedication put into studies.”

“Consistently participates in class discussions, enriching the learning environment with insightful contributions.”

Students Remarks and Comments for Report Card in English

When writing remarks for report cards in English, use simple and concise language that is easy to understand. Sample remarks include:

” [Student’s name] has shown improvement in their writing skills.”

“I encourage [student’s name] to practice speaking English more frequently to improve their fluency.”

“Shows a great deal of creativity and enthusiasm for all projects. Keep up the good work!”

“Displays excellent collaboration skills in group assignments. Continue to encourage and support classmates.”

“Needs to improve on time management to ensure timely submission of assignments. A structured routine may help in this area.”

“Shows remarkable improvement in reading and comprehension skills. Maintaining consistent practice will further enhance these skills.”

“Demonstrates a keen interest in learning and always asks insightful questions. Encouraged to keep up this inquisitive spirit!”

Academic Remarks and Comments for Report Card

Academic remarks should provide an overall evaluation of the student’s academic performance. Sample remarks include:

” [Student’s name] has shown commendable academic progress this term, and I am pleased with their performance.”

“I encourage [student’s name] to continue working hard and aim for even better results in the next term.”

“Displays a commendable grasp of core concepts, consistently applying them in class assignments and projects.”

“Needs to focus on improving problem-solving skills, particularly in mathematics, to enhance academic performance.”

“Expresses ideas and thoughts with clarity in writing assignments, showcasing good command over language and comprehension skills.”

“Struggles with time management during tests, needs to work on pacing and planning for comprehensive exam preparation.”

“Actively contributes to class discussions, demonstrating good understanding and interest in the subject matter.”

Maths Remarks and Comments for Report Card

Maths remarks should provide specific feedback on the student’s math skills and offer suggestions for improvement. Sample remarks include:

” [Student’s name] has shown excellent problem-solving skills in math.”

“I encourage [student’s name] to practice more math exercises to improve their speed and accuracy.”

“Demonstrates a strong understanding of mathematical concepts and applies them effectively in problem-solving exercises.”

“Needs to focus on improving arithmetic skills for a more solid foundation in more complex calculations.”

“Shows excellent critical thinking and reasoning abilities in tackling mathematical problems, often finding unique solutions.”

“Struggles with geometry concepts; additional practice with shapes and measurements could be beneficial.”

“Is proactive and engaged during math lessons, frequently participates in class discussions and seeks clarifications when needed.”

Nursery Remarks and Comments for Report Card

Nursery remarks should focus on the student’s social and emotional development and their progress in basic skills such as language and numeracy. Sample remarks include:

” [Student’s name] is developing excellent social and emotional skills and has shown significant progress in learning the alphabet and numbers.”

“I am pleased with [student’s name]’s progress in developing their fine motor skills.”

“Shows a keen interest in hands-on learning activities and sensory play, a great strength for developing fine motor skills.”

“Excels in cooperative play, demonstrating strong social and communication skills with peers.”

“Demonstrates a need for further development in recognizing and expressing emotions appropriately.”

“Shows creativity in art and music activities, a wonderful foundation for their imaginative growth.”

“Struggles a bit with transitioning between activities, additional support and clear routine can enhance adaptability.”

Short Remarks and Comments for Report Card

Short remarks should be concise and highlight the student’s most significant strengths or areas of improvement. Sample remarks include:

“Well done, keep up the good work!”

” [Student’s name] has shown improvement in [specific area], and I encourage them to continue working on it.”

“Shows initiative and thinks creatively.”

“Demonstrates positive attitude towards learning.”

“Needs to improve time management skills.”

“Shows great improvement in subject areas.”

“Consistently contributes to class discussions.”

“Struggles with staying on task during lessons.”

“Excels in problem-solving and critical thinking.”

“Respectful and considerate of classmates.”

“Needs additional support in mastering key concepts.”

“Demonstrates strong leadership skills in group projects.”

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In conclusion, the Remarks and Comments section of the report card is an essential tool for communicating with parents and providing feedback to students. When writing remarks, it is crucial to use positive language that acknowledges the student’s strengths and offers constructive feedback for improvement.

Remember to be specific and provide examples to help parents and students understand the feedback better.

Looking for short comments for exam results? Find a comprehensive PDF with concise, English-language comments perfect for report cards. Tailored for primary school educators, our resource offers Some best quick report card comments that effectively convey students’ progress.

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When writing general report card comments, it’s good to keep them clear and helpful. Meaningful report card comments should give specific information about how a student is doing. Teachers can choose from Positive report card comments to find the best way to say what they need. Final report card comments sum up a student’s progress at the end of the year.

Short remarks for report card are quick notes that highlight important points. The 50 quick report card comments positive are great for giving quick, good feedback. It’s always nice to include positive report card comments to encourage students. Especially in kindergarten, positive comments for report cards for kindergarten can really help young kids feel good about school.

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