CBSE Clarifies: No Partnership for SQAAF Implementation; Read Details

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Public Alert: CBSE Addresses SQAAF Rumors

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CBSE Circular: Hey everyone! There’s some important news from CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) that we need to know about. Recently, there have been some rumors going around about CBSE teaming up with some organizations for something called SQAAF. CBSE has just announced that these are just rumors and they are not true.

CBSE Mentioned in Circular

“It has come to the notice of the Board that some information has been circulating stating that the CBSE has partnered with some organisations for the implementation of SQAAF. CBSE would like to categorically state that it has no connection whatsoever with any organisation for implementation of the SQAAF”.

CBSE wants to make it super clear that they are not working with any other organization for SQAAF. So, if you hear anything like that, it’s not correct. If you want the right information about SQAAF, there are a few places you can go. CBSE has a YouTube channel where they’ve put up all their webinars about SQAAF. It’s a good spot to check out what they’ve been teaching.

Also, if you’re looking for more details or updates on SQAAF, you can visit these websites:

These are the official sites where CBSE shares all the correct information. They’re really careful about keeping an eye on fake news and rumors. If anyone is spreading false information or using the CBSE or SQAAF names wrongly, CBSE is ready to take action against them.

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Read Public Alert regarding SQAAF

This announcement is super important because CBSE wants to make sure that everyone – students, teachers, and parents – gets the right information. They don’t want anyone to be misled or face any problems because of incorrect news.

So, remember, for anything related to SQAAF, stick to the official CBSE channels and websites. Stay informed and avoid any confusion! Thanks, Team CBSE, for keeping everyone updated and safe from misinformation.

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