Private Schools Cannot Force Parents to Buy Books and Uniforms – Warns Education Minister

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Private Schools May Lose Recognition if They Force Parents to Buy Books, Uniforms from Them – Delhi Govt.

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Educational News: Some private schools are forcing parents to buy uniforms and books from them. People complained to the Directorate of Education about this. They will give rules about this soon.

Delhi Education Minister Atishi on Friday directed the officials of the Education Department to take cognizance of the matter at their level and take appropriate action immediately.

The Education Minister of Delhi also asked the officials to talk to the parents and take action against the schools against which complaints are received after investigation. Atishi said they will also have a number or email to get more complaints.

The Education Minister said that last year the Directorate of Education issued detailed guidelines regarding the purchase of books and school dresses, in which parents have been given the freedom to buy books and clothes for their children from any place as per their convenience.

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If a private school forces parents to buy expensive books and school uniforms from a particular place, the action was also taken against them. Delhi Education Minister Atishi has said that if any school forces parents of children to buy books and uniforms from a particular place, its recognition will be terminated.

The Education Minister of Delhi said that many parents complained about schools in Delhi making them buy books and uniforms. The Minister said schools cannot do this or they might lose their recognition.

In fact, with the start of the new session, such complaints are coming again. The officials have been told that action should be taken under the relevant provisions of the Delhi School Education Act-1973. The Education Minister also said that the concerned department should send a weekly report on the number of schools on which action is being taken.

Parents say that the prices of NCERT books are fixed, but schools pressurize them to buy additional books. They also force for expensive stationery. The complete set costs around 5 to 6 thousand rupees. Schools have fixed shops. Parents are pressurized to buy from these shops only.

One of the major complaints of the parents is that some schools change the uniform very often. This increases the financial burden on the parents.

What are the guidelines of the Directorate of Education for private schools regarding the purchase of books and uniforms?

Under the guidelines of the Directorate of Education, private schools have to display the class-wise list of books and other study materials to be used in the new session on the school’s website and at specific places in advance so that parents can be made aware of it.

Apart from this, the school also has to display on its website the address and telephone number of at least 5 shops near the school from where parents can buy books and school uniforms. Also, the school cannot force the parents to buy these things from any specific vendor.

Parents can buy books and uniforms from any shop as per their convenience. Along with this, it has also been clarified in this guideline of the Directorate of Education that no private school can change the color, design and other specifications of the school dress for at least 3 years.

Government’s strict stand on this

Delhi’s Education Minister said that schools found indulging in such behavior will again be punished with strict action, and may even lose recognition. Let us tell you that Manish Sisodia was arrested in the Excise Policy case in February, after which Atishi has been made the Education Minister of Delhi.

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