Solar System GK Quiz on Facts about Planets

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Solar System Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Planets?

Hello Students, Welcome to Shiksha Press. As you know, we started a General Knowledge (GK) Multiple Choice Quiz (MCQ) and trivia series for students. We’ve created many online GK quizzes on various topics, including the solar system, science, moral values, famous people, and special days.

Today, you can test your knowledge about the solar system! This quiz is all about “Facts about Planets.” We’ll be asking you 20 questions. To pass, you’ll need to earn a minimum of 50% correct answers.

Don’t worry if you don’t pass the first time! You can try the GK Planets solar system quiz again and again whenever you need to brush up on a concept.

Our goal with this planet-based GK trivia is to help you gain knowledge about the topic. So, let’s start the quiz and test your knowledge about space quiz!

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Solar System Facts Quiz- Questions and Answers

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