How many Digits of Pi can you name Quiz: National Pi Day

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Pi Day Quiz: Test your Pi Knowledge

Welcome to Shiksha Press. Here is an amazing quiz to test How much Pi do you know and may solving this math quiz will help you in learning more about Pi or Math. You can solve this National Pi Day Quiz with your friends to celebrate Pi Day with a Pi quiz.

Take the Pi Trivia Quiz with Challenging Pi Questions for Students

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How many digits of Pi can you name quiz?

The Guinness World Record holder has memorised 70,000 digits. But most people aim to remember as many as they can. What about you? you can just Test you Pi knowledge with this gk quiz.

What is the Symbol for Pi Quiz

The symbol for Pi is the Greek letter π. It’s been used in this context since the 18th century!

Pi Symbol
Pi Symbol

What is Pi used for?

Pi is mainly used in mathematics and science to calculate the circumference, area, and volume of circles and spherical shapes. It’s everywhere, from engineering to physics!

Interesting facts about Pi

Did you know that Pi cannot be written as a simple fraction, making it an irrational number? Also, Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th because the date represents the first three significant digits of π: 3.14. Plus, there’s even a song with a melody that encodes the digits of Pi!

Who Discovered Pi?

People didn’t find Pi all at once; many different smart folks from places like Babylon and Egypt figured out pieces of it a long time ago, more than 4,000 years back! They saw that if you measure around a circle and then across it, you get special numbers. They guessed Pi was a bit more than 3.

A Greek guy named Archimedes, a super smart math guy, did some clever work with shapes to learn more about Pi. He found that Pi was a little more than 3 but not quite 3 and 1/7.

 National Pi Day Quiz
National Pi Day Quiz

What is the History of Pi Day?

Old Times: People kept trying to know Pi better. In China, a man named Zu Chongzhi worked really hard and found out even more numbers of Pi, like how it starts with 3.1415926.

When Math Got Big: During a time called the Renaissance, math wizards found new ways to think about numbers and got even closer to Pi’s secret.

A While Ago: A man named William Jones, from a place called Wales, decided to use the Greek letter π (that looks like a little house) to talk about this circle number. Later, a famous math person named Euler liked that idea, so everyone started using π for Pi.

Computer Age: Now we have computers that can tell us millions and billions of Pi’s numbers, but we really don’t need that many to do science or build things.

Hope you liked this Pi Day Quiz for Students. You can celebrate Pi day with a Quiz given here for you. More Interesting questions about Pi are also given to know more about Pi.

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