100+ Persuasive Speech Topics for Students

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what’s a good topic for a persuasive speech

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Persuasive Speech Topics: Hello Readers, In this post you will Discover engaging and unique persuasive speech topics for students and teens tailored to captivate any audience. Explore our comprehensive list for inspiration on attention-grabbing speech topics.

Find persuasive speech examples for students that demonstrate how to effectively convey your message and persuade your audience.

Whether you’re looking for persuasive topics for academic assignments or personal growth, our collection provides a wide range of ideas to suit any interest or occasion. Get started on crafting your compelling argument today!

Persuasive Speech Topics for Students

15 Persuasive Speech Topics for Students

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Persuasive Speech Topics for Students Persuasive Topics for Students Unique Persuasive Speech Topics
1. Should uniforms be mandatory in schools? 1. Is homework necessary for students? 1. Can video games develop critical thinking skills?
2. Can school start times affect student performance? 2. Should students have a say in curriculum design? 2. Should pets be allowed in schools?
3. Is year-round schooling beneficial? 3. Do exams accurately measure student abilities? 3. Are self-driving cars safe for society?
4. Should physical education be compulsory? 4. Is technology making students less creative? 4. Can traveling alone change your life?
5. Do school cafeterias contribute to obesity? 5. Should students grade their teachers? 5. Is anonymity on the internet dangerous?
6. Is homework beneficial for students’ learning? 6. Are school field trips necessary? 6. Should cities be designed for people or cars?
7. Should schools implement more technology? 7. Is peer pressure more beneficial or harmful? 7. Can money buy happiness?
8. Are co-ed schools more effective than single-gender schools? 8. Should community service be a graduation requirement? 8. Is there life on other planets?
9. Should students be allowed to use smartphones in class? 9. Are fine arts as important as STEM? 9. Should we colonize Mars?
10. Can school gardens improve student health and education? 10. Should school start later in the morning? 10. Is the gig economy good for the workforce?
11. Should students be taught financial literacy in school? 11. Do school dress codes limit personal expression? 11. Is it ethical to edit human genes?
12. Is cursive writing still relevant in the digital age? 12. Should students participate in politics? 12. Should we ban single-use plastics?
13. Should sex education be mandatory in all schools? 13. Is climate change education important in schools? 13. Can artificial intelligence surpass human intelligence?
14. Are school lunches healthy enough? 14. Should schools offer mental health services? 14. Is space tourism ethical and sustainable?
15. Should schools enforce stricter anti-bullying policies? 15. Is a gap year beneficial for students before college? 15. Are modern art forms as significant as traditional ones?

15 Persuasive Speech Topics Examples for Students

Persuasive Speech Topics Examples Persuasive Speech Examples Persuasive Speech Topics for Teens
1. The necessity of renewable energy adoption. 1. The impact of social media on society. 1. The importance of self-esteem.
2. The role of youth in politics. 2. The consequences of global warming. 2. The dangers of texting while driving.
3. The importance of preserving cultural heritage. 3. The benefits of a plant-based diet. 3. Peer pressure and its effects.
4. Animal rights and ethical treatment. 4. The significance of financial education. 4. The impact of bullying on mental health.
5. The pros and cons of gun control. 5. The importance of exercise. 5. The effects of social media on teenagers.
6. The debate over capital punishment. 6. The need for cybersecurity. 6. Challenges of online learning.
7. The importance of global education. 7. The advantages of bilingual education. 7. The influence of celebrities on youth.
8. The necessity of water conservation. 8. The dangers of drug abuse. 8. The importance of healthy eating for teens.
9. The ethics of animal testing. 9. The value of teamwork. 9. The role of parents in education.
10. The problem of homelessness. 10. The impact of fast food on health. 10. The significance of volunteer work.
11. The importance of voting. 11. The risks associated with artificial intelligence. 11. The pressure of academic performance.
12. The effects of junk food on health. 12. The importance of arts in education. 12. The dangers of underage drinking.
13. The necessity of internet censorship. 13. The challenges of climate change. 13. The significance of setting goals.
14. The impact of advertising on consumer behavior. 14. The benefits of meditation. 14. The importance of time management for teens.
15. The debate over school vouchers. 15. The influence of music on mood. 15. The effects of peer pressure on decision making.

15 Attention-Grabbing Speech Topics and Examples for Students

Attention-Grabbing Speech Topics Persuasive Speech Examples for Students
1. The mystery of Bermuda Triangle. 1. The power of positive thinking.
2. The history and impact of graffiti. 2. The role of discipline in student life.
3. The phenomenon of déjà vu. 3. Overcoming fear of public speaking.
4. The legend of Atlantis. 4. The importance of cultural diversity.
5. The secrets of the Egyptian pyramids. 5. Strategies for effective time management.
6. The reality of climate change. 6. Coping with stress during exams.
7. The future of space exploration. 7. The benefits of community service.
8. The psychology behind dreams. 8. Understanding and combating cyberbullying.
9. The impact of pop culture on society. 9. The significance of environmental conservation.
10. The influence of artificial intelligence on future jobs. 10. Navigating social media responsibly.
11. The truth about ghost sightings. 11. Building self-confidence in students.
12. The mystery of the Loch Ness Monster. 12. The importance of teamwork in school projects.
13. The phenomenon of crop circles. 13. The value of perseverance in achieving goals.
14. The impact of music on the human brain. 14. The role of student leadership in schools.
15. The exploration of the ocean depths. 15. The effects of procrastination on academic success.

1. Persuasive Speech Topics for Students

The Importance of Regular Exercise: Explore how regular physical activity improves not only physical health but also mental well-being, focusing on its essential role in students’ lives. This persuasive speech will motivate students to incorporate exercise into their daily routines.

2. Persuasive Topics for Students

The Benefits of Reading Books: Dive into the world of books and discover how reading expands the mind, enhances empathy, and improves academic performance. This speech aims to persuade students of the invaluable benefits of becoming lifelong readers.

3. Unique Persuasive Speech Topics

The Impact of Music on Mental Health: Examine how different genres of music can positively affect mental health and stress levels. This unique angle encourages students to consider music as a therapeutic tool.

4. Persuasive Speech Topics Examples

Reducing Carbon Footprint: Discuss practical ways students can reduce their carbon footprint to combat climate change. This example demonstrates how individuals can contribute to a larger cause.

5. Persuasive Speech Examples

The Importance of Voting: Highlight the importance of every vote and how student participation in elections can shape the future. This speech serves as an example to inspire active civic engagement among students.

6. Persuasive Speech Topics for Teens

Cyberbullying and Online Safety: Address the serious issue of cyberbullying and the importance of maintaining online safety, tailored specifically to resonate with teens’ experiences and concerns.

7. Attention-Grabbing Speech Topics

The Mystery of Space Exploration: Captivate the audience with the intriguing possibilities of space exploration and how it could change the future of humanity, making a compelling case for continued investment in space sciences.

8. Persuasive Speech Examples for Students

The Role of Technology in Education: Discuss the pros and cons of integrating technology into educational settings, encouraging a balanced view on how technology can enhance learning experiences for students.

I hope you found these suggestions for persuasive speech topics for students engaging and thought-provoking.

Whether you’re crafting a presentation from unique persuasive speech topics, seeking inspiration from persuasive speech examples for students, or delving into attention-grabbing speech topics, there’s something here to ignite your creativity and passion.

Remember, the power of a well-delivered speech can change minds and inspire action. So, dive into these persuasive topics for students and teens, and start shaping your compelling arguments today. May your speeches be as impactful as they are insightful!

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