Notice Writing, Meaning, Definition, Types and Examples

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Notice Writing  | Notice Writing, Meaning, Definition, Types, and Examples | Notice Writing Format for Class 6 to 12 – CBSE, ICSE, Others

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Welcome to Shiksha Press. In this Post you will Learn about Notice Writing for Class X and XII and We will also Cover notice writing class 12 mcq | notice writing class 12 pdf download | notice writing class 11 | notice writing class 10 | article writing class 12 | notice writing format | notice writing topics asap on this portal.

Notice Writing for Class 10,11 and 12th Notice Writing Format 

Notice is brief information written in a formal style in short words. Making a particular information public is called Notice writing. In other words – the written information given about the future events etc. along with the date and place is called ‘Information’. In simple words – Giving specific information to the concerned persons is called Notice writing.

Notice Writing meaning in Hindi – Suchna Lekhan सुचना लेखन

What is the definition of Notice Writing ? 

Information means that thing that needs to be told to someone. For this, information is written to convey the information of any important thing to the people related to it. Writing information in this way is called Notice writing.

Types of Notice writing | Notice Writing for Class 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12th Notice Writing Format 

Notice can be of two types – Happy and sad. Pleasant Information Like Games, competitions, celebrations etc. Sad information – condolence meeting, rituals (Kriya karam)etc.

Notice Writing Class 12 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

Notice writing is required in any office or organization. It can be used both at the individual and institutional level. Happens on It is put up on the notice board. Government or non-government departments sometimes in newspapers or Information is also released through TV. Brief but important information written in a formal style it occurs. In Notice writing, it is necessary to know its purpose or subject.

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Read Following Topics in this Post 

1. What is Notice Writing?
2. What are the points to be kept in mind while writing the information?
3. What is the correct format for writing information?
4. And will try to solve all your problems towards information writing with some examples of information writing.

The following points should be kept in mind while writing the Notice –

Take a look at some of the main topics –

1. related to birth and death
2. Invitation
3. Lost-Found
4. Related to excursions, picnic exams etc.
5. Cultural, literary, sports etc. competitions or events-related
6. Relating to help, support, solicitation, request, solicitation, etc. to someone
7. Relating to change of name etc. or new rules etc.

Things to keep in mind in writing information – some of them are Compulsory and some are Essential.

Compulsory Things

1. Mention of date, date, time and place
2. For which category the information is mentioned
3. Name, address etc. of the information issued by whom

Important Tips to be followed while writing a Notice

1. There are many types of information, according to them the content and language of the information should be.
2. The syntax should be simple and concise, but no important thing or information should be missed.
3. The information should be written square or rectangular and the information should have lines around it so that they Get everyone’s attention.
4. Key information or important things should be underlined or dark color should be used.
5. Questions like when, where, why, how should be answered in the text.
6. Information is written in the other male. At the end of the notice, the name and designation of the official of the concerned institution should be written.

Notice Format CBSE Class 12 | What is the Notice writing format | Important Tips for Writing a Notice 

1. First of all ‘Information’ should be written as a title in the top center.

2. Name of the organization disseminating the information

3. Date

4. Subject

5. Writing of the notice

6. Designation of the informer

7. Name of the informer

8. Address of the informer, if necessary.

Examples of Notice Writing | Template of Notice Writing Format


Name of the Institution/Organization/Office, Place Suitable Heading

21 October 2021

Contents. The target group for whom the notice is. Date, time, venue and all-important details and any extra information that is needed (Body of the Notice, 50 words)


Name of the Notice issuing School/Institution/Organization
Notice Issue Date

Title or Subject of Notice

Body of the Notice: In the content or body, you will have to write a notice which consists of the following things.
(1) Where? (2) When? (3) Target group (4) Agenda

Name & Designation

Prepare a notice to inform the students who want to stage drama in the annual festival of your school.


DAV public school

staging a drama

Date : 23/08/2020

All the students of this school are informed that drama will be staged in the annual festival of the school. Students who are willing to act in drama, they should be present in the school auditorium on 03 August 2019 for the screen test in the last two periods.

Rakesh Kumar
student secretary

He is the Secretary of Hindi Sahitya Samiti in G. D. Goenka International School, Vesu Surat. Write an information letter inviting students for the Doha singing competition organized in your school.


G. D. Goenka International School, Vesu, Surat

Doha singing competition organized

20 July 2020

All the students are informed that on 10th August 2019, School Doha Singing Competition is being organized in the school auditorium. Students are invited to participate in this competition. Students willing to participate in the competition should give their names to the Secretary of Hindi Sahitya Samiti by 30 July 2019.

Mehul Sharma
Hindi Sahitya Samiti

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