NCERT Removes Chapters on Periodic Table, Challenges to Democracy, and More from Class 10 Textbooks

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Changes in Class 10 Textbooks: NCERT Eliminates Chapters on Periodic Table, Challenges to Democracy, and Additional Topics

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The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has made big changes to Class 10 textbooks. They have taken out chapters on the ‘Periodic Classification of Elements’ and ‘Darwin’s Theory of Evolution’.

NCERT also removed sections on ‘Democracy and Diversity’ and ‘Challenges to Democracy’. These changes were made to lighten the load on students during the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But now, these changes are here to stay. This has started many conversations among teachers, parents, and other educators.

What’s Missing from the NCERT Books?

The science book will no longer have Chapter 5 on the ‘Periodic Classification of Elements’ and Chapter 9 on ‘Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution’.

These chapters talked about how life began on Earth, how humans evolved, and how traits are passed from parents to kids. Also, important sections about democracy and political parties have been removed from the social science book.

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Science Chapter 5: Periodic Classification of Elements
Chapter 14: Sources of Energy
Chapter 16: Sustainable Management of
Natural Resources
Chapter 5: Popular Struggles and Movements
Chapter 6: Political Parties
Chapter 8: Challenges to Democracy

The Controversy of Reduced Syllabus Content

These changes were first made when the pandemic hit, as a temporary measure. But now, NCERT has decided to keep these changes even after the pandemic.

This decision has made many people, especially scientists and teachers, worried. They are concerned about how this might affect what students know about these important topics.

What Does This Mean for Students?

Now, only those students who choose to study these topics in Class 11 and Class 12 will learn about them. In India, all students have to study science and political science only till Class 10. So, teachers and parents are worried that students who don’t choose these subjects later might miss out on these important lessons.

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The NCERT Stance on Content Rationalization

NCERT has said that these changes are part of a plan to reduce the load on students and make learning more hands-on and exciting. They have tried to remove topics that are too hard or not needed anymore. They’ve also removed topics that are taught in other classes or subjects.

Mixed Reactions to the Changes

Different people have different views on this. Some people think this is not a good step. Others say that the topics have not been completely removed but have been moved to the Class 11 syllabus. Either way, there are a lot of discussions going on about this change.

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What’s Next for Education in India?

These NCERT changes have started a big conversation about how to balance what students need to learn and how much they can handle. This is a very important time for education in India, as everyone tries to figure out the best way forward after the pandemic.

Last Words

It’s good that NCERT is trying to make things easier for students. But, the decision to remove important topics from the curriculum has started a lot of discussions.

It’s important that any changes made to what and how students learn are done carefully. This is to make sure that students still get to learn everything they need to know.

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