NCERT Rolls Out Bridge Courses Ahead of Textbook Release for Grades 3 and 6

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NCERT’s Bridge Courses Set Foundation for New Education Policy Implementation in Schools

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NCERT Introduces Bridge Courses to Smooth Transition to New Syllabus for Young Learners. Class 6 students will engage in a bridge course in April, with new syllabus books arriving in May.

Introduction of the Bridge Course:

Before Class 6 textbooks are launched in the 2024-25 academic session, schools will need to conduct a bridge course in April. The NCERT is actively developing a new curriculum based on the updated syllabus for all grades.

Essential Preparation for Class 6: Students enrolling in Class 6 during the 2024-25 session must complete the bridge course in April first. NCERT has crafted this specialized course specifically for incoming sixth graders. After completing the course, they will receive their new curriculum books in May.

Important Information Table

Event Details
Bridge Course Start April 2024
New Textbooks Availability May 2024
Targeted Grades for New Books Classes 3 and 6
Curriculum Framework Basis National Curriculum Framework for School Education (NCF-SE)
Bridge Course Availability On NCERT official website by March 30, 2024
Objective of Bridge Course To familiarize new Class 6 students with the 2020 Education Policy

What is the Bridge Course? Let’s explore what this bridge course entails and the specific goals behind its creation.

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Upcoming NCERT Textbooks for Younger Classes:

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has designed a bridge course for new Class 6 students. The first to receive new textbooks based on the National Curriculum Framework will be students in Classes 3 and 6, beginning in the 2024-25 academic session. Professor Dinesh Prasad Saklani, NCERT’s director, confirms that development of textbooks for classes 3 through 12 is underway.

Timeline for Implementation:

NCERT plans to upload the bridge course on their official website by March 30, 2024. Booklets will be distributed in April, and by May, new textbooks will be handed out to Class 6 students. Meanwhile, students up to Class 2 are already benefiting from the new education policy, and Class 3 students will receive their new books in April.

What are the Objective of the NCERT Bridge Course:

According to Professor Saklani, the bridge course is crucial for acquainting fifth graders with the New Education Policy 2020 as they transition into sixth grade. It is essential to help students and their parents understand the fundamental principles of the NEP.

Simplifying Education and Reducing Stress:

The aim of both the new education policy and the NCF is to simplify the educational framework, making it more accessible and less stressful for students. All new textbooks are expected to be ready by the 2025-26 academic session.

Direct link to check the full PDF Curriculum Transition – Implementing NCFSE 2023

Main Key Points from the NCERT’s introduction of the Bridge Month Programme

Here are the key points from the NCERT’s introduction of the Bridge Month Programme.

  1. NCERT is shifting from traditional teaching to more engaging, skill-based methods.
  2. This change is in line with the new National Curriculum Framework (NCF-SE) and National Education Policy (NEP).
  3. A month-long bridge course for teachers will help them adapt to new syllabi and textbooks for Classes 3 and 6.
  4. The course will cover fun-based, play-based, and discovery-based learning, moving away from routine teaching.
  5. The focus will be on holistic assessment rather than just evaluating specific abilities.
  6. The curriculum will now emphasize practical competencies rather than just memorizing content.
  7. Teaching methods will move from a chapter-centric to a curriculum-centric approach, and incorporate balanced literacy.
  8. Vocational skills will be integrated starting from Class 6, moving away from traditional subject streams like commerce, science, and humanities.
  9. The bridge course includes a restructured timetable for Grade 6, featuring a month of engaging activities.
  10. Activities will include experiments and games across subjects, promoting indoor and outdoor learning.
  11. Teachers will encourage students to apply concepts from textbooks practically, enhancing understanding and application.
  12. New textbooks for Classes 3 and 6 are being prepared, with revisions for other classes planned for later academic sessions.

Teacher Training on the New Curriculum:

The CBSE Academics Director, Joseph Emmanuel, emphasizes that updates to the syllabus will facilitate a better understanding of the New Curriculum Framework (NCF-2023). School leaders and teachers will be introduced to the new syllabus and receive targeted training to enhance the educational process according to the New Education Policy (NEP-2020). News Sourced from Various Sources 

Important FAQs Related to NCERT Bridge Courses

When will the bridge course for Class 6 begin?

The bridge course starts in April 2024.

When will the new syllabus books for Class 6 be available?

New syllabus books will be available in May 2024.

Who is developing the new curriculum for NCERT?

NCERT is preparing the new curriculum based on the National Curriculum Framework.

What is the purpose of the NCERT bridge course?

The bridge course aims to acquaint new Class 6 students with the new Education Policy 2020.

When will the bridge course materials be available online?

Materials for the bridge course will be uploaded to the NCERT official website by March 30, 2024.

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