National Space Innovation Challenge NSIC 2023 For Students

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CBSE Circular: National Space Innovation Challenge (NSIC) 2023 for Young Indian Students

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The CBSE Board released a new circular on its official web portal about the National Space Innovation Challenge 2023 for students in Classes 5 to 12. This article discusses all the crucial details of the NSIC 2023 Program. We advise students to read the entire article to understand the details of this challenge.

National Space Innovation Challenge 2023 for Classes 5 to 12 Students

National Space Innovation Challenge (NSIC) is a National level challenge for young students across India. This National Space Innovation Challenge 2023 provides students an opportunity to explore the world of space-science and space innovation.

Access to all necessary mentorship with pre-recorded lectures of eminent personalities in Space sector shall be provided by AIM at no-cost. The National Space Innovation Challenge (NSIC) – 2023 serves as an outstanding platform to cultivate and sharpen an innovative mindset for the space sector among students.

Top individuals will get exciting prizes ranging from SpaceSat kits, certifications from AIM and ISRO. National Space Innovation Challenge 2023 is free and open for all students of classes V-XII of any school (ATL Schools and non-ATL Schools) located in India.

Students shall be ideating and working on exciting new innovations like Space Junk collection robot, Reusable Rocket Design, Satellite Design, and Indian Spaceship design for Mars from 11th August 2023 to 20th September 2023.

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As space becomes more private, global and national brands are reshaping the space exploration industry, along with their countries’ goals. Skyroot Aerospace’s Mission Prarambh is a significant step, marking the entry of private sectors into India’s space field. It aims to make space more available, cost-effective, and efficient.

National Space Innovation Challenge NSIC 2023 is a nationwide initiative that encourages budding space entrepreneurs. It addresses the growing needs of India’s space economy and future workforce. This NSIC platform lets you learn from industry experts, explore opportunities, innovate, and present your solutions to the world.

LAUNCH TO THE FINALE Learning & Assignment Ends 20th September Result Announcement 9th October (World Space Week) Registration Begins 11th August NATIONAL SPACE INNOVATION CHALLENGE (NSIC) OVERVIEW

NSIC is built on sparking genuine interest and inspiring the youth to pursue careers in space. This motivation leads them to learn, innovate, and then present their unique ideas. The most outstanding innovations will receive recognition and awards from a respected jury.

Join us in positioning India as the future Space capital of the World.


Get Inspired: Learn directly from Industry experts Seek Opportunities: Learn the opportunities in Space Innovate your Way: Build a sustainable solution Showcase to the World: Present your idea to the World Win Exciting Prizes: Meet your heroes and win goodies


A repository of technical skills, mentor videos, do-it-yourself content, assignments & report submission portal to enable students to find a space problem, ideate and find a sustainable solution of their own. It gives students a good learning experience and lifetime access to the digital video repository.

Exclusive entry to the world of Astronomy & Space via Masterclass Sessions by experts, Industry leaders through pre-recorded and self-paced learning video sessions.

Pre-recorded mentor sessions and the subject videos play a significant role in transforming the next generation of tinkerers into budding space scientists and problem solvers.

Exemplary recognition opportunities, prizes, and certificates to be won for all.


1. Participation Certificates: All participants will receive participation certificates from AIM, NITI Aayog and ISRO. The certificate will be autogenerated on the LMS portal after the course completion.

2. Certificate of Excellence: Top students from both categories whose reports will be shortlisted by the jury consisting of top space industry leaders, and eminent personalities from AIM, NITI Aayog and ISRO, will win certificates of excellence.

3. Prizes: In addition to certificates, there are special prizes for the top performers.


The NSIC Bootcamp is delivered through a Learning Management Session (LMS). This will ensure that students can learn at their own pace and at their own convenience. The structure of the program will be as follows:

Mentor Videos

Mentor-led sessions by 6 top Space Scientists, Space Industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

Junior Scientist (Grade 5-8)

Recorded classes, useful resources and guidelines on:

a. Space Junk Collection Robot
b. Reusable Rocket Design

The students will have to watch both the pre-recorded session and choose any one of them for the final report. The report can be submitted in form of PPTs, Videos, or Word document.

Senior Scientist (Grade 9-12)

Recorded classes, useful resources and guidelines on:

a. Satellite Design
b. Indian Spaceship Design for Mars

The students will have to watch both the pre-recorded session and choose any one of them for the final report.

Research Report Guidelines & Report Submission

Students have to follow the guidelines and draft their own research report from the topics mentioned above. The students will have to then upload their own research report which will be evaluated by the jury.


NSIC will enable the next generation to understand the recent advancements in Space Science, develop sustainable solutions to complex problems in space and develop the zeal to build a career in Space Science and Astronomy.


1. ATL In-Charge and School Teachers may support the students in drafting their research report.

2. This competition is open to all students of class VI to Class XII of India (ATL Schools and non-ATL Schools). Interested students may choose to participate using the LMS link.

3. Students must accurately enter the details of their contact number and email ID while registering on the portal. All communication related to NSIC will be shared on the primary contact details.

4. Please note, you should fill the online form carefully and correctly, in case of incomplete or incorrect information entered in the form, your entry may be disqualified.

5. Participants are responsible for making sure that they have the necessary rights, licenses, and/or permission for any content used in drafting the report for this challenge.

AIM, NITI Aayog and its affiliates/partners are not responsible for the content made and shared by the participant. AIM, NITI Aayog reserves the right to display, distribute and reproduce participants’ work on social media or elsewhere as deemed fit by AIM, NITI Aayog.

AIM, NITI Aayog or its affiliates will not be responsible for any breach of Intellectual Property of any party associated with the challenge. In case of any dispute, the decision of MD, AIM shall be final and binding.

How to Register for National Space Innovation Challenge (NSIC)?

National Space Innovation Challenge 23
National Space Innovation Challenge 23

STEP 1. Logon to If you are a new user, then you have to first create your account on the portal.

STEP 2. To create your account, click on the Registration button at the top right corner of the page.

STEP 3. On the Registration page, enter your full name. Make sure that you enter your name correctly as this name will be automatically generated on the certificate after your course completion.

STEP 4. If your school is registered with ATL, select your school name from the dropdown. You can type a few characters to easily find your school name.

STEP 5. If your school is not registered with ATL, click on the No radio button and manually enter your school name and city. On the Registration page, enter your full name.

STEP 6. Make sure that you enter your name correctly as this name will be automatically generated on the certificate after your course completion.

STEP 7. Then enter your grade, email ID and phone number accurately and set a password for your account.

Make sure the password consists of uppercase alphabets, lower case alphabets, numbers and special characters and is atleast 8 characters long.

STEP 8. Once you have entered all the details double check for possible errors and then click on the Register button at the bottom.

Note: You need to register on the portal only once. For all other subsequent sessions, you can use the Login button at the top right corner. Then just enter your email ID and password to access the portal.


Click on the NSIC link on the website header. The page gives a detailed overview of the NSIC program. Click on the Enroll Now button on the banner to navigate to the LMS landing page.

The LMS landing page provides a detailed view of the program curriculum including the program sequence, mentor videos, masterclass videos both for junior and senior categories, research report guidelines and report submission.


Click on the Enroll Now button to start learning. Once you are successfully enrolled to the course, you can see your course progress.

The progress bar is set to 0 by default which keeps on increasing as you keep on progressing through the program. Click on the Start Learning Button to start your NSIC journey.


You are then greeted with the welcome message. After you have completely read the contents of the message, click on the Mark as Complete button. Please follow this important step before navigating to the next lesson.

You will then be presented with first the mentor video. Click on the play button and watch the video completely. Then click on the Mark as Complete button to redirect to the next video. Follow this sequence until you complete all the mentor videos.


If you are from grades 5-8, navigate to the Junior Scientist Videos and Junior Scientist Resources. You can skip the Senior Scientist Videos and Senior Scientist Resources.

Similarly, if you are from grades 9-12, navigate to the Senior Scientist Videos and Senior Scientist Resources. You can skip the Junior Scientist Videos and Junior Scientist Resources.

Make sure you complete all the masterclass videos of your category and go through all the resources.


After completing the masterclasses, you will reach the final and most interesting stage of the program. Here you will use the learnings from the masterclass videos to design a space solution of your own.

Read through the research report guidelines thoroughly and make sure that you have understood the research writing methodologies. Students in the Junior Scientist category can submit a presentation, word document or a video as their report. However, Senior Scientists have to submit a formal research document.

After you have carefully studied the Report Guidelines and drafted your project report, it’s time to upload your report for the evaluators.

Click on the Start Assignment Submit button at the bottom of the report submission section. This will take you to the research report submission interface.

Write a short paragraph about your report. You can use this section to highlight some of your key findings, solutions or your report methodology.

Click on the Choose File button to select and upload the report from your computer. Make sure that the file size is below 50MB.

Then, click on the Submit Assignment button to submit your report.

Your submission will be in Pending status. Don’t worry, this means that your submission is successfully submitted and is sent to the jury for evaluation. You can continue to complete the remaining lessons to complete the program.

Note: Students from grades 5-8 can submit the report on the topic assigned in the Junior Scientist program and students from grades 9-12 can submit the report on the topic assigned in the Senior Scientist program. Failing to do so will make their entries invalid.


After you have completed the final lesson, click on the Back to courser home button at the top left of the window to go back to the LMS landing page.

Click on the Complete Course button to complete your course and generate the certificate.

After clicking on the Complete Course button, you will see a View Certificate button.

Click on it to view your auto-generated certificate.

You can download the certificate by clicking on the download button or login to your account to view the certificate later.

Link for participation – 

Last Date for submission of project – 20th September 2023

Click Here to Register

For any queries and doubts, please reach out to / +91 88850 20315

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