Practical Learning in Classroom Impresses Education Minister

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Education Minister shared a video regarding education, said- this should be the education in every school

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Education News: A unique teaching method in a classroom recently. it’s grabbed everyone’s attention, especially that of Nagaland’s Tourism and Higher Education Minister, Temjen Imna Along.

He is Famous for his lively social media posts, Minister Along is an advocate for hands-on learning. He shared a educational video where a teacher uses an engaging method to teach students the names of vegetables.

In this video, the students brought real vegetables to class, instead of just learning from pictures in books. They held various vegetables like peas, brinjal, radish, and more, as the teacher helped them identify each one by name. This practical approach made learning more interactive and memorable for the students.

Higher Education Minister Along praised this method in his social media post, highlighting the “Effect of practical education on quick recall.” He advocated for such innovative teaching methods to be adopted in schools nationwide. The post quickly gained popularity, with over 81 thousand views and 5 thousand likes, and sparked positive discussions online.

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Users commented on the effectiveness of this method. One user noted, “This is how real education works. Children will remember vegetable names easily.” Another said, “Had my classes been this engaging, I would’ve scored full marks and enjoyed the lesson too!” A third remarked, “What a great teacher.”

Earlier, Minister Along had shared another heartwarming video. It showed a young boy bravely protecting his family’s shop during a storm, displaying an impressive level of responsibility for his age. Along captioned this video, “Age doesn’t define one’s understanding of responsibility; life experiences do.”

This post, like the one on innovative teaching, resonated with many, showcasing the minister’s commitment to sharing inspiring stories and educational content.” News Source: NDTV 

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