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Celebrating 150 Years of IMD’s Meteorological Excellence: The India Meteorological Department (IMD), established in 1875, is gearing up to commemorate its monumental 150th service year to the nation in 2024-2025.

Notably, IMD emerged as one of the pioneering government departments, concentrating on systematic weather observation, unwavering reporting, and scientific weather forecasting within the vast expanses of the Indian subcontinent.

The metamorphosis of Meteorology into a modern physical science owes a considerable debt to the relentless endeavors of scientists and technologists who have graced the corridors of IMD through its illustrious 150-year odyssey.

A Year-long Extravaganza of Learning and Engagement

As part of the grand 150-year celebration, which is all set to kick off in January 2024, IMD has charted out a plethora of initiatives. Spanning the year, IMD is poised to unveil a slew of events, exhibitions, international scientific seminars, and particularly interactive sessions tailored for students.

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These endeavors are strategically designed to kindle a burgeoning interest in the intricate realms of meteorology and atmospheric sciences. And, for students enthusiastic about online engagement, the “Online Quiz for Students” offers a remarkable opportunity.

IMD’s Logo Quest: An Invitation to Creativity

In a significant move to spotlight this notable milestone, IMD, synergizing with MyGov, is all set to roll out the “IMD Logo Quiz”. This initiative is not just another contest; it represents the “MyGov Free Quiz” category that stands out for its unique engagement style.

Participants not only get to flex their creative muscles but also stand a chance to earn the coveted “MYGov Quiz with certificate”. For those who have a knack for creativity, this is a golden chance to design a logo that resonates with this historic juncture.

Moreover, the cherry on the cake is the “Free Govt. Quiz with Participation Certificates”, ensuring that every effort gets its due acknowledgment. So, it’s time to dive deep into your creative reservoirs and etch a mark on this significant occasion!

Rewards for IMD Logo Quiz Winners 

1. The first winner will be rewarded with ₹15,000/-
2. The second winner(if any) will be rewarded with ₹10,000/-
3. The third winner(if any) will be rewarded with ₹5,000/-

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Technical Parameters of IMD Logo Quiz

1. The participant should submit a high-resolution (600 dpi) image of the logo in JPEG, PNG, BMP, or TIFF SVG formats only.
2. The logo should be distinctive and scalable. The IMD logo should be usable on the website/ social media such as Twitter/ Facebook, press releases, and on printable such as stationery, signage, labels, etc., magazines, commercials, holdings, standees, posters, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, souvenirs, and other publicity and marketing material for the promotion of IMD.
3. The winner shall be required to provide the original open-source file of the designed logo.
4. The logo should look clean (not pixelated or bit-mapped) when viewed on-screen at 100%.
5. Entries should not be submitted in compressed or self-extracting formats.
6. The logo design should not be imprinted or watermarked.
7. All fonts should be converted to Outlines/Curves.
8. Texts used in the logo design should be in Hindi/English only.
9. The logo should be aligned with IMD’s official logo.
10. The logo design should include artistic expressions of color combination/ arrangements in the national Tricolor.
11. The logo should reflect ‘150’.
12. The logo should reflect or include elements of meteorology.
13. The Logo should be based on Weather, Climate, and achievements of IMD.

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