Shri Krishna Janmashtami GK MCQ Quiz for Students

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Test Your Knowledge of Krishna Janmashtami with This GK MCQ Quiz

Embark on a divine journey with our Shri Krishna Janmashtami quiz. Dive into enlightening Krishna quiz questions and relive the tales of Lord Krishna. For young devotees, we present a special Krishna quiz for kids. Don’t miss our latest Krishna quiz 2023, now available online. Challenge your knowledge and celebrate Janmashtami like never before!

Krishna Janmashtami with This Educational GK MCQ Quiz

Dive into our Krishna Janmashtami quiz, crafted specially for 2023! Are you keen to test your knowledge about the beloved deity? Try our Krishna quiz that brims with intriguing questions. As Janmashtami approaches, elevate the festive spirit by engaging in our Janmashtami quiz.

We’ve meticulously designed these Krishna quiz questions to challenge devotees and enthusiasts alike. If you’re seeking something tailored for the young minds, our Krishna quiz for kids and Janmashtami quiz for kids cater exclusively to their curiosity.

Prefer taking quizzes online? Navigate to our Krishna quiz online or Janmashtami quiz online for a seamless experience. This 2023, let’s celebrate, learn, and quiz together!

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#1. What instrument did Krishna play?

#2. What is the name of Krishna's Shankha?

#3. On what occasion is Krishna Janmashtami celebrated?

#4. Who was Krishna's birth mother?

#5. Who was Arjuna's charioteer in the Battle of Kurukshetra?

#6. Who wanted to kill Krishna?

#7. Who was Krishna's favorite Dish?

#8. Which mountain did Krishna lift to protect the residents of Vrindavan?

#9. Who was Krishna's sibling born along with him?

#10. Which epic describes the life and times of Krishna?

#11. What is Another Popular name for Krishna Janmashtami?

#12. What color represents Krishna?

#13. Where was Lord Krishna born?

#14. Who was Krishna's foster mother?

#15. In which scripture did Krishna deliver the Bhagavad Gita?



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Krishna Janmashtami: This Hindu festival, which honors the birth of Lord Krishna, is observed over two days this year. Engage in this GK quiz to examine your understanding of the history, importance, and festivities of Janmashtami.

Thank you for journeying with us through the rich tapestry of Krishna Janmashtami’s history and significance via this GK quiz. It’s not just about the questions and answers, but also about reliving the profound essence of Lord Krishna’s teachings and understanding their significance in today’s world.

May this Janmashtami illuminate your path with wisdom and fill your heart with devotion. Stay curious, and keep exploring the myriad facets of our cultural heritage. Until the next quiz, Jai Shri Krishna!

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