ISRO Launches Free SETU Programme for Students with Participation Certificate

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Unveiling the SETU Programme for Aspiring Space Educators

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Inspire the next generation of space enthusiasts by equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills offered in the SETU Programme. Register today and become a catalyst for space science education in your school! Read Details

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is dedicated to nurturing and inspiring the next generation of space enthusiasts. To achieve this, ISRO has launched the Space Educators Training and Knowledge Upgradation (SETU) Programme. This initiative is designed to equip teachers with the knowledge and tools they need to introduce students to the fascinating world of space science and technology.

What Is the SETU Programme?

The SETU Programme is a comprehensive online training course tailored for school teachers. It focuses on upgrading their knowledge in space science, technology, and applications. This program is part of ISRO’s broader mission to build a space-knowledgeable society by empowering educators who can inspire young minds.

How Can This Programme Benefit Teachers?

Teachers participating in the SETU Programme will gain:

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  • In-depth knowledge of space technology and the Indian space programme.
  • Skills to use satellite data and remote sensing technology in education.
  • Insights into space exploration missions and human space flight.
  • The ability to integrate innovative teaching methods into their classrooms.

When and How Can You Participate?

Course Dates: The SETU Programme will run from June 10 to June 14, 2024.
Registration Deadline: Apply by June 8, 2024.
Mode: The course will be conducted online, making it accessible to teachers across the country.
Seats: Limited seats are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How to Register for the SETU Programme?

Step 1: Create an account on the IIRS e-learning website.
Step 2: Fill out the online application and submit proof of employment.
Step 3: ISRO and IIRS will review and approve eligible applications.
Step 4: Approved participants will receive login credentials for the ISRO E-CLASS LMS.
Step 5: Join the daily sessions and participate in quizzes according to the schedule.
Step 6: Submit course feedback through the ISRO E-CLASS LMS.

Registration Link: Click here to register

What Will You Learn in the SETU Programme?

What Are the Key Topics Covered?

The SETU Programme covers a wide range of topics through live sessions, including:

  • Space Technology & Indian Space Programme
  • Overview of Spacecraft Systems
  • Satellite Communication & Navigation Technology
  • Satellite Meteorology and Weather Applications
  • Space Science & Indian Space Exploration Missions
  • Human Space Flight Mission
  • Exploration of the Solar System
  • Life Beyond Earth
  • Satellite-Based Earth Observations & Remote Sensing Technology
  • Remote Sensing Applications in Governance and Development
  • Satellite Data Products and Services

What Practical Skills Will You Gain?

In addition to theoretical knowledge, the programme includes practical sessions on:

  • Reading Satellite Imageries for information extraction.
  • Geodata Access from online repositories and problem-solving using GIS.

Who Is Eligible for This Programme?

Eligible Candidates: School teachers preferably teaching Science, Mathematics, Geography, or Computer Science at the school level are encouraged to apply. This ensures that educators from diverse fields can bring space science into their classrooms.

What Are the Technical Requirements?

Participants need:

  • A Desktop Computer/Laptop/Mobile device.
  • An Operating System such as Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android, or iOS.
  • A Web Browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.
  • Internet Speed of at least 2 Mbps or 3G and above connectivity.

How Will the Course Be Delivered?

The course will be delivered online via:

What Certification Will You Receive?

Participants who complete the course and meet the requirements will receive a Course Participation Certificate from IIRS, ISRO. To qualify for the certificate, participants must:

  • Achieve at least 60% participation based on watch time of video sessions, quiz scores, discussion forum engagement, and feedback submission.

Why Should You Join the SETU Programme?

The SETU Programme offers a unique opportunity for educators to enhance their teaching methods with cutting-edge space science and technology knowledge. By participating, teachers can inspire their students to explore and excel in the field of space science.

Contact Information

For more details or assistance, contact the IIRS Distance Learning Centre:

Telephone: +91-135-2524130 (Distance Learning Center)
+91-135-252-4354 (Office)
+91-135-252-4120 (Web Support)

Join the SETU Programme today and take a significant step towards becoming a leading space educator. Empower your students and ignite their passion for space with ISRO’s comprehensive training.

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