CBSE Circular About Indian Army Quiz 2023 for Students

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CBSE Circular About Indian Army Quiz 2023, Read Details

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CBSE Circular About Indian Army Quiz 2023: The CBSE has released a circular heralding the launch of the “Indian Army Quiz 2023” India’s Biggest Inter School Quiz Competition. This monumental initiative will be held on a national scale. Army Quiz will also aspires to highlight the integral role the Indian Army plays in India’s development and transformative journey.

What CBSE Circular Mentioned About Army Quiz

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Indian Army’s victory in the 1999 Kargil War against Pakistan, the Indian Army is rolling out a grand national quiz competition for 2023. This event is a salute to bravery and an endeavor to educate young minds about the pivotal role the Indian Army plays in shaping our nation.

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What is the Importance of Indian Army Quiz 2023 for Students?

Open to students of classes VI to X, this quiz isn’t just a competition—it’s an educational journey. Beyond the thrill of competition, it’s an opportunity to gain insights into the rich history, achievements, and significance of the Indian Army in nation-building and transformative changes.

3 + 1 [one extra student for back-up]. Compulsory participation of female students in all co-ed schools that are participating

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Registration Process of Indian Army Quiz 2023


Gear up, students! The doors to this fantastic opportunity remain open till 30.09.2023. To participate, schools need to register on the official quiz portal. Easy, fast, and seamless—it’s your ticket to glory and knowledge.

What is the Objective of Indian Army Quiz?

The Indian Army Quiz 2023 is carefully designed to be:

– Accessible to age-group 10-16 years

– Competitive structure covering the entire country

– Online and offline rounds to achieve reach and depth through the Command system

– Foster a spirit of competition and teamwork

– Content and formats that are engaging, informative, entertaining, and challenging with emphasis on the Indian Army’s contribution to national development in the advanced rounds.

Indian Army Quiz Schedule?

The registrations are open till 30.09.2023. The details of the quiz are available in the end of this post.

Prizes for Indian Army Quiz Winners

Excellence deserves rewards, and the Indian Army ensures that winners shine brightly!


  • Get your hands on brand new school buses.
  • Laptops for SPOCs.
  • Coveted mementos and certificates.


  • Cash prizes beckon the best brains.
  • Tech-savvy winners grab laptops.
  • Mementos, certificates, and an exclusive chance to visit army institutions.

More Information About Indian Army Quiz

This initiative isn’t just another quiz—it’s a mission to educate, inform, and inspire. Dive deep into the world of defense, experience the army’s dedication, and win laurels. The Indian Army awaits your enthusiasm and brilliance!

Indian Army Quiz Competition
Indian Army Quiz Competition

The student nomination is open for the schools. SPOCS are requested to nominate before 30th September 2023 . To nominate now . Click Here

Participation Link – Register Now!

ROUND 1 – Kickstarting the Indian Army Quiz 2023

• At least 12,000 school teams will take the Round 1 of the Indian Army Quiz 2023.

• Each quiz slot of this Army Quiz for Students will be 10 minutes long, and will comprise of 25 questions tailored to challenge and inform.

• Teams will log in and enter participant details. The three students from a school who take this initial Army Quiz round will be recognized as that school’s Official Team for the subsequent stages of the contest.

• The Quiz Screen, during this Army Quiz for Students, will display a ticker providing details of the total schools registered, and those that are currently quizzing.

• Teams will take position in front of a single screen, ensuring their cameras are on. Each session is video recorded and stored securely for reference.

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ROUND 2 – Advancing in the Indian Army Quiz 2023

• The top 2,000 teams or the top 10%, whichever is higher, will move up to Round 2 of the Indian Army Quiz 2023. The best team from each district, as well as those surpassing a predetermined cutoff in this Army Quiz for Students, will secure their place in this round.

• This Army Quiz round will pose 50 questions to be tackled in 20 minutes.

• The Official Team will log in, verify participant’s details, and embark on the quiz journey.

• The Quiz Screen during this phase of the Army Quiz will display a ticker, indicating the number of schools registered and those currently competing.

• Teams will assemble in front of a single screen, ensuring cameras are activated. As always, sessions will be video recorded for transparency and stored securely.

ROUND 3 – The Quarter Finals of Indian Army Quiz 2023

• The top 216 teams from across India will advance to Round 3 of the Indian Army Quiz 2023, marking the intense Quarter Final Round.

• This Army Quiz for Students will see its quarter finals being conducted live on stage by a seasoned Quizmaster at various venues throughout the nation.

• Each quarter final stage of this Army Quiz will feature 6 teams. In scenarios where there are more than 6 teams at a single QF venue, a written prelim is planned. Post the prelim, teams will be grouped into clusters of 6 for the stage rounds. From each of these rounds, 2 teams will pave their way to the Semi Final Round at the Command Level.

• Conclusively, this round of the Army Quiz 2023 will propel 72 champion teams, which will be further segmented in groups of 6 across the 6 Army Commands.

ROUND 4 – Command Level Challenge in Indian Army Quiz 2023


• This is an on-stage round of the Indian Army Quiz 2023. A total of 72 teams will gather at the command level. It’s important to note that different commands will have varying numbers of teams due to the distinct number of states/schools they cover. (see table)

• This Army Quiz round will introduce diverse quizzing formats, immersive multimedia questions, a buzzer system, and other engaging gameplay elements unique to the Army Quiz for Students.

• For commands boasting more than 6 teams, semi-final rounds will be organized in sets of 6 teams. From this rigorous competition, 12 champion teams will emerge, securing their spots for the National Finale of the Army Quiz.

ROUND 5 – The Climax of the Indian Army Quiz 2023


• The Indian Army Quiz 2023 National Round will comprise of 2 semi-finals and a Grand Finale.

• The top 12 school teams from the Army Quiz for Students, representing the 6 commands, will gather at IMA, Dehra Dun.

• These 12 stellar teams in this Army Quiz will then face further selection, narrowing down to either 6 or 4 teams, vying for the top spots in the finale, presided over by a celebrity.

• At the end of this intense competition, the top 3 teams will emerge as the Winners, 1st Runners-Up, and 2nd Runners-Up.

The student nomination is open for the schools. SPOCS are requested to nominate before 30th September 2023 . To nominate now . Click Here

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