Preposition of Time Quiz In – On – At MCQ for students

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English Grammar Prepositions of Time Multiple Choice Quiz | Preposition In-On-At Place MCQ Quiz

In this post, you will get an amazing quiz on in-at-on prepositions for kids, an English Grammar Quiz.

Welcome to Shiksha Press. Here is an amazing quiz for students on in-at-on prepositions for kids. Calling all students! Are you ready to test your knowledge and learn more about prepositions?

Participating in Prepositions In-On-At Place Quiz questions and answers will not only be an exciting challenge for you but also an opportunity or chance to clear your understanding of the significance of Prepositions.

By taking part in this Prepositions quiz for students, you’ll get to know some amazing and valuable insights into the requirements, impact, and importance of Prepositions in the English language.

English Grammar Quiz with Answers

Now, let’s move on to the quiz. For each question, choose the correct preposition (‘in’, ‘at’, or ‘on’) that best completes the sentence.

Take Part in the Preposition of Time and Place Quiz

Choose the Right Answer to score your knowledge of TIME with at, in and on.


We hope you will like this In, On, At Preposition Quiz on Conjunctions for kids in English. This Online MCQ Quiz is to it helps them enhance their understanding of the requirements, impact, and importance of Prepositions.

Share and Challenge your friends to score more than you with this Online In, On, At Preposition Quiz. You can find more Amazing General Knowledge Quizzes with answers on this website. 

What are Prepositions?

Prepositions are important components in the English language that denote a relationship between different elements within a sentence.

‘In’, ‘at’, and ‘on’ are among the most common prepositions but can sometimes pose difficulties when it comes to their proper usage. It is a little confusing thing.

This In, On, At Preposition Quiz presents designed to help you test and strengthen your understanding of these prepositions.

Where to put ‘In’, ‘At’, and ‘On’

1. ‘In’ is generally used for unspecific times during a day, month, season, or year; it’s also used to specify locations within larger places.
2. ‘At’ is used for specific times, and specific or named locations.
3. ‘On’ is used for days and dates, and to indicate surface contact.

Quiz on Preposition – Conclusion

Mastering prepositions can significantly improve your fluency and understanding of the English language. Remember, practice is key.

By regularly challenging yourself with quizzes like this, you can enhance your grammatical skills and communicate more effectively.

Feel free to revisit this quiz as often as you need. Good luck, and keep learning!

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