Quiz Blink: General Knowledge Quiz for Class 3rd Student

Quiz Blink General Knowledge Quiz for Students 


Quiz Blink General Knowledge Quiz for Students for Class 3

QuizBlink:  GK Quiz for Class 3, your gateway to a world of General Knowledge adventures! Ignite your intellect and explore the wonders of knowledge in every click.

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Identify and Choose the Right Name of This Personality

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How much does bamboo grow in a day?

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Who was the iron man of India

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The Part of a Plant that Grows under the soil is called

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Which Language do the people of Telangana Speak?

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Identify and choose the Right Name of this Indian President

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Bihu is the Festival of Which State?

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The Animal lives both on land and in water.

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Which is the oldest Mountain Range in India?

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Chhath is the Main Festival of Which State?