Decoding AI: Can Machines Think Like Us Article By Rashmi Panchal

Written by Mrs. Rashmi Panchal (IT Lecturer) IIGDC

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The Essence of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Artificial Intelligence is the science of making machines that can think like humans. This technology works smartly like process large amount data. The motive of this technology is too able to do things like human can do but without any error. Humans can make mistake but AI technology cannot. Even it is substitute of human mind to make decisions, making patterns and judge like humans.


Well, yes, AI is capable of learning new things on its own but its learning process needs to be instructed by human.  So, we have the Facility of AI models with some rules and law applicable in a way that will remain consistent with their training.

For example: Government worldwide are integrated Gen AI to streamline administrative processes, improve decision-making with data-driven Insights, and create flexible but citizen -centric service.

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Human intelligence VS Artificial Intelligence

While artificial intelligence includes technologies that let computers mimic cognitive processes such as learning and problem-solving, human intelligence is a collection of common mental traits such as creativity, perception, and memory.

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Ai Article
Ai Article

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. It is a technique that facilitates a machine to perform all cognitive functions such as perceiving, learning, and reasoning that are otherwise performed by humans.

Cognitive skills are the function your brain uses to think, pay attention, process information and remembering things. These are describing as:

AI programming focuses on cognitive skills that include the following:

Learning. This aspect of AI programming focuses on acquiring data and creating rules for how to turn it into actionable information. The rules, which are called algorithms, provide computing devices with step-by-step instructions for how to complete a specific task.

Reasoning. This aspect of AI programming focuses on choosing the right algorithm to reach a desired outcome.

Self-correction. This aspect of AI programming is designed to continually fine-tune algorithms and ensure they provide the most accurate results possible.

Creativity. This aspect of AI uses neural networks, rules-based systems, statistical methods and other AI techniques to generate new images, new text, new music and new ideas.

Why is artificial intelligence important?

AI is important for its potential to change how we live, work and play. It has been effectively used in business to automate tasks done by humans, including customer service work, lead generation, fraud detection and quality control. In several areas, AI can perform tasks much better than humans.

Top 5 Smartest AI-powered machines on earth

IBM Watson With a brain size of 2,400 home computers and a database of 10 million documents; augmented by AI, IBM Watson supercomputer is dubiously yet famously predicted massive takeover of all time.

Summit Summit is the fastest supercomputer in the world and the first to reach exaop (exa operations per second) speed. Having achieved 1.88 exaops during a genomic analysis, Summit is expected to reach 3.3 exaops using mixed precision calculations.

Sierra Enable your customers to get answers, solve problems, and take action through a natural, conversational experience.

Sunway TaihuLight Sunway TaihuLight Computer is the 6th fastest supercomputer in the world. It remained the world’s fastest supercomputer for about 2 years (2016-18). It was also the first supercomputer in the world to achieve a speed of more than 100 PFlops. Sunway taihulight speed is 1.45 GHz (3.06 TFlops single CPU, 105 PFLOPS LINPACK, 125 PFLOPS peak). This supercomputer belongs to China and is at the Chinese National Supercomputing Center, Wuxi City, China.

Tianhe-2 It was the world’s fastest supercomputer according to the TOP500lists for June 2013. The record was surpassed in June 2016 by the Sunway TaihuLight.  

This picture may tell you how big and amazing that could be:
AI Picture 2.jpg
AI Picture 2.jpg

Advantages and disadvantages of AI:

The advantages range from streamlining, saving time, eliminating biases, and automating repetitive tasks,

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

High Costs. The ability to create a machine that can simulate human intelligence is no small feat. …

No Creativity. A big disadvantage of AI is that it cannot learn to think outside the box. …

Unemployment. …

Make Humans Lazy. …

No Ethics. …

Emotionless. …

No Improvement.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Reduction in Human Error

One of the biggest benefits of Artificial Intelligence is that it can significantly reduce errors and increase accuracy and precision. The decisions taken by AI in every step is decided by information previously gathered and a certain set of algorithms. When programmed properly, these errors can be reduced to null.

Example: An example of the reduction in human error through AI is the use of robotic surgery systems, which can perform complex procedures with precision and accuracy, reducing the risk of human error and improving patient safety in healthcare.

Zero Risks

Another big benefit of AI is that humans can overcome many risks by letting AI robots do them for us. Whether it be defusing a bomb, going to space, exploring the deepest parts of oceans, machines with metal bodies are resistant in nature and can survive unfriendly atmospheres. Moreover, they can provide accurate work with greater responsibility and not wear out easily.

Example: One example of zero risks is a fully automated production line in a manufacturing facility. Robots perform all tasks, eliminating the risk of human error and injury in hazardous environments.

24×7 Availability

There are many studies that show humans are productive only about 3 to 4 hours in a day. Humans also need breaks and time offs to balance their work life and personal life. But AI can work endlessly without breaks. They think much faster than humans and perform multiple tasks at a time with accurate results. They can even handle tedious repetitive jobs easily with the help of AI algorithms

Some common AI applications include:

  • Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa.
  • Recommendation systems used in e-commerce platforms.
  • Fraud detection in financial institutions
  • Image and facial recognition in security systems.
  • Medical diagnosis and healthcare systems.


There are lot of tech driven solutions in the industry of education like Dream Box, Khan

Academy, Achieve3000, etc.  There are several educational platforms based on AI technology.

  • Third Space Learning
  • Little Dragon
  • CTI
  • Brainy
  • Thinker Math
  • Carnegie learning


Article Written by- Assistant Professor Mrs. Rashmi Panchal (IT Lecturer) IIGDC, Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh)

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