CBSE Announces ‘One Child, One Plant Campaign’ to Mark Anniversary of NEP 2020

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CBSE Circular: CBSE Commemorates 3rd Anniversary of NEP-2020 With ‘One Child, One Plant’ Campaign

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This News Article is about the latest CBSE Circular Notification which talks about the Commemoration of the 3rd Anniversary of NEP 2020 Through CBSE. Read More

Introduction of the ‘CBSE – One Child, One Plant Campaign

Marking the third anniversary of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced an environment-conscious initiative aimed at sensitising schools and students to various environmental issues.

The ‘CBSE – One Child, One Plant Campaign’, focusing on energy conservation, food waste, electronic waste hazards, petroleum product conservation, and plastic pollution, will serve to emphasize the importance of a sustainable future.

‘One Child, One Plant’ – A Green Initiative by CBSE

As part of the campaign, CBSE plans to launch a large-scale tree plantation initiative titled ‘CBSE – One Child, One Plant Campaign’.

Starting from July 29th, 2023, and running until August 28th, 2023, the campaign invites participation from schools nationwide, encouraging students to plant saplings wherever convenient – be it at school, home, or nearby parks.

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Integrating Environment Education in Curriculum

Aligned with the NEP 2020’s emphasis on integrating environmental awareness and sensitivity into education, this campaign seeks to make environmental education an integral part of school curricula. This comes as a timely response to the increasing urgency of environmental conservation and sustainable development.

Key Actions for Schools on ‘CBSE One Child One Plant’

Schools are encouraged to undertake the following actions as part of the initiative:

  1. Conduct massive environmental awareness programs via ECO-CLUBS. These programs can explore themes such as water and energy conservation, prevention of resource wastage, and pollution control.
  2. Encourage each student to plant a sapling. This could be in the school premises, at home, or any other accessible location.
  3. Facilitate class discussions about various environmental concerns, the importance of tree plantation, and resource conservation. This can also include discussions about the specific species planted by students, its benefits, and its care requirements.
  4. Involve students in the responsibility of planting and observing the growth of trees as part of activities conducted under school-based Eco-clubs.
  5. Plan additional activities to foster environmental protection awareness among students.

CBSE One Child One Plant Campaign CIrcular

CBSE One Child One Plant Campaign
CBSE One Child One Plant Campaign

Active Participation Encouraged by CBSE

A brief report of activities, accompanied by 2-3 photographs, is expected to be uploaded by the schools before August 31, 2023.

All CBSE schools are called upon to disseminate the information among all stakeholders and motivate a maximum number of students to participate in the ‘CBSE – One Child, One Plant Campaign’.

The success of this ‘CBSE – One Child, One Plant Campaign’ hinges on making students aware of their environment, encouraging them to be active contributors to its preservation and improvement.

♦ A brief report of activities (including 2-3 photographs) may be uploaded by the schools before 31st August 2023 at the following link:

Click Here to Participate in CBSE – One Child, One Plant Campaign


In this endeavour to embrace environmental awareness and conservation, CBSE’s ‘One Child, One Plant’ campaign marks a significant stride.

Click here to read the official notification of the CBSE Notification: Commemoration of the 3rd Anniversary of NEP 2020 Through CBSE [One Child, One Plant Campaign].

The ‘CBSE – One Child, One Plant Campaign’ initiative symbolizes the collective effort needed to safeguard our planet for future generations. As students learn to appreciate and care for their environment, they are also nurturing life skills that will influence their actions as tomorrow’s responsible citizens.

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