CBSE Circular: Cyber Clubs to be Formed in Schools to Prevent Cybercrime

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CBSE Circular: Formation of CYBER CLUBS in Schools for Developing an Ecosystem to Prevent Cybercrime

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Educational News: In today’s digital age, the security of our online spaces has become a critical aspect of personal safety. The increasing incidents of cyber-attacks and data breaches underscore the urgent need for cyber-safety awareness and defense skills.

Education plays a vital role in raising awareness and countering these cyber threats. It’s essential that students in schools are well-versed in cyber hygiene and equipped to recognize potential cyber dangers, especially as the younger generation becomes more susceptible to cybercrime.

Government Initiatives

Government Efforts to Combat Cybercrime

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, the Government of India has established the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C) under the Ministry of Home Affairs. This center is tasked with creating a comprehensive framework to effectively combat cybercrimes.

The Central Government has taken various steps to spread awareness about cybercrime, using social media platforms like Twitter (@Cyberdost), Facebook (CyberDostI4C), Instagram (cyberdosti4c), and Telegram (cyberdosti4c).

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Collaborative efforts with MyGov, Cyber Safety and Security Awareness weeks, and publishing educational handbooks are among the strategies employed to create mass awareness.

The Role of Schools in Cyber Club Initiative 

Introducing Cyber Clubs in Schools

To align with these efforts, the concept of establishing Cyber Clubs in schools has emerged from I4C meetings. The idea is to provide students with a platform where they can explore, learn, and excel in the realm of cybersecurity and emerging technologies. By equipping them with these skills, educators are setting students on a path towards success in a digital world.

Process of Formation of Cyber Clubs

School Heads are encouraged to initiate Cyber Clubs within their institutions, fostering a focused approach to promoting cyber hygiene. One teacher, ideally with a background in Cyber Security, should be designated as the Cyber Nodal Officer. This officer’s information must be entered into the CBSE OASIS portal. Regular advisories and cyber safety tips will be shared with schools through this appointed teacher, either by I4C or CBSE.

Activities of Cyber Clubs in CBSE Schools

CBSE Suggested 10 Engaging Activities for Cyber Clubs

Here are some recommended activities for these Cyber Clubs:

Here are some recommended activities for these Cyber Clubs:

1. Inviting speakers to educate students about Cyber Security and potential careers in cybersecurity.

2. Providing hands-on training sessions by experts using open-source tools in computer labs.

3. Creating a designated space to showcase news articles and photographs related to cybersecurity.

4. Organizing student plays that address cyber frauds and promote cyber awareness.

5. Hosting cyber quizzes, competitions, and hackathons, encouraging student participation.

6. Recognizing outstanding students with “Scholar Badges” and acknowledging their contributions to cyber awareness.

7. Crafting newsletters in regional languages, focusing on cyber security and crime prevention.

8. Sharing daily cyber tips with students during assembly sessions.

9. Arranging Mass Awareness Camps with active involvement from Cyber Club members.

10. Displaying Do’s and Don’ts related to cybersecurity in prominent areas of the school.

Collaborative Impact

Empowering a Safer Digital Space

Through the combined efforts of schools, teachers, and students, these Cyber Clubs can significantly contribute to cultivating a secure digital environment and mitigating cyber threats within our society. Let’s work together to ensure a safer online world.

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