CBSE Circular: Calendar of Student Enrichment Activities 2024

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Introduction to CBSE’s Holistic Education Approach

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CBSE has released a circular related to the Calendar of Student Enrichment Activities 2024. The circular, dated 17 January 2024 and numbered Acad-07/2024 (CBSE/Academic/JS (AM)/2024), is intended for students and teachers.

The Central Board of Secondary Education is committed to delivering top-tier education that nurtures the intellectual, social, emotional, and cultural development of its students. Focused on creating a stress-free educational environment, the CBSE aims to cultivate individuals who can emerge as global leaders in our rapidly evolving, knowledge-driven society.

CBSE’s Vision for Empowering Future Citizens

With a dedication to fostering a learning environment that empowers future citizens of the country, the CBSE’s approach is to nurture competent, confident, and enterprising individuals for the nation. This vision is central to the board’s educational philosophy.

Diverse Student Enrichment Activities by CBSE

The CBSE has introduced and consistently conducts a diverse range of student enrichment activities throughout the year. These include the Expression Series, Heritage India Quiz, Science Challenge, Science Exhibition, Aryabhatta Ganit Challenge, Reading Challenge, Storytelling Competition, and Sports and Games Competitions.

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Calendar of Student Enrichment Activities 2024

Looking ahead to the upcoming year, the CBSE will continue to organize these existing activities and also unveil new initiatives. A comprehensive calendar detailing these student enrichment activities planned for 2024 is provided in Annexure-A.

Role of Enrichment Activities in Student Development

These student enrichment activities play a pivotal role not only in fostering students’ cognitive, social, and emotional growth but also in exposing them to a diverse array of activities that encourage the exploration of new hobbies and interests.

Objective of CBSE’s Enrichment Activities

The primary objective of these cbse enrichment activities is to equip students with the skills and attitudes necessary to confront and overcome future challenges, ensuring they are well-prepared for the demands of a global society.


Here’s the table for the “Calendar of Student Enrichment Activities – 2024” by the Central Board of Secondary Education:

S. No. Tentative Date and Month Name of the Activity Place/Mode of Conduct
1 January 2024 Expression Series Quarter 4 (2023-24) Online (schools across the country)
2 April 2024 Adolescent Peer Educators Leadership Program – Registration for 5th Phase Online (schools across the country)
3 April 2024 Expression Series Quarter 1 (2024-25) Online (schools across the country)
4 April-May 2024 Science Challenge Online (schools across the country)
5 June 2024 CBSE Reading Challenge Online (schools across the country)
6 19 June 2024 National Reading Day Schools across the country
7 21 June 2024 Celebration of International Day of Yoga Schools across the country
8 July 2024 Expression Series Quarter 2 (2024-25) Online (schools across the country)
9 July-August 2024 Aryabhatta Ganit Challenge Online (schools across the country)
10 July-August 2024 Storytelling Competition Online (schools across the country)
11 September – November 2024 Science Exhibition Various venues across the country
12 September – November 2024 CBSE Sports and Games Competition Various venues across the country
13 October 2024 Expression Series Quarter 3 (2024-25) Online (schools across the country)
14 October-November 2024 Heritage India Quiz 2024-25 Online and Offline (schools across the country)
15 October- December 2024 National Annual Conference of Sahodaya School Complexes Offline
16 December CBSE National Adolescent Summit Delhi

This table provides a comprehensive overview of the various student enrichment activities scheduled by the CBSE for the year 2024.

Guidelines for Schools

  1. Organize these activities as given in the calendar during the year by integrating them in the school calendar/regular activities of the school.
  2. Prepare an annual action plan for the effective implementation of these activities.
  3. Ensure appointment of Nodal Teacher(s) in the school to plan and conduct these activities and report on CBSE ASAR App.
  4. Ensure the participation of each student (as per their interest) in at least two activities conducted by CBSE during the year. The student’s participation in these activities should be reflected in their Portfolio as part of Internal Assessment.
  5. Share the information with the concerned stakeholders and encourage them to avail these opportunities.
  6. Visit the CBSE website and for regular updates on these activities.

School Heads are requested to motivate their students to participate in these Enrichment Activities for their overall development, and to promptly report participation details on CBSE ASAR App (Affiliated Schools Activity Report) available on Playstore for Android phones.

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