BRICSMATH Online Mathematics Competition 2021 for Class 1 to 12  Know About Registration,Awards and Dates

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BRICSMATH Online Mathematics Competition 2021 for Class 1-12

BRICS Math Online Competition 2021 : BRICSMATH is an annual International Online Competition in Mathematics for Class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 

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BRICSMATH.COM+ is an international online math competition that brings together children from 7 countries.

Competition is Hosted by DINOLAB.IN
Competition Name BRICS Math Online Mathematics Competition 2021
Competition for  Students From Grades 1-12
Official Website


What is BRICS Math Online Competition ?

BRICSMATH.COM is an annual International Online Competition in Mathematics, for students of classes I – XII held in BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) as well as in Indonesia and Vietnam. The competition is held online on the website and is completely free of charge. To participate in BRICSMATH.COM, a student needs to have access to a computer or tablet connected to the internet.The main goal of the competition is to develop students’ logic skills, broaden their minds, and help them understand some basic concepts that they can apply in real life.

Interactive tasks on math, spatial thinking and logic

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Students completing BRICSMATH.COM+ tasks on logic and spatial thinking try new non-standard approaches, learn to analyse and look for rational solutions, and develop their logical reasoning skills.

What is The Purpose of BRICSMATH Online Competition ?

The purpose of the competition is to cultivate interest in Mathematics and develop logical reasoning skills, as well to unite children from different countries. The fun and interactive tasks of the competition are designed in a child friendly game form. The tasks get the students to think out of the box but do not require any in-depth knowledge of the school curriculum.

When Will Start BRICSMATH Online Competition ? 

The 5th BRICSMATH.COM competition in Mathematics is being held online on the website from September 20 to November 20, 2021.

BRICS Math Online Mathematics Competition 2021 :

Important Dates for BRICS Math Online Competition: 

Preparation round – from April 5 to June 30, 2021  

The Trial round – from September 21 to October 18, 2021 

The Main round – from October 19 to November 22, 2021

Trial round for BRICS Math Competition

21 September – 18 October 2021

The Trial Round gives students an opportunity to practice before the main round.

The results of the trial round do not affect the main round.

Main Round – (60 minutes)

19 October – 22 November 2021

In the Main Round, students have 60 minutes to complete all the tasks. It is not mandatory to complete the preparatory round or the trial round to participate in the main round.

Once the student logs out, the test is automatically submitted.

All school heads are requested to encourage participation of their students in the competition on voluntary basis. The complete details of the competition are given on 

Awards for BRICS Math Online Competition ?

Certificates for Participation in the preparatory round of the competition will be available on on August 1.

To receive the certificates and see the results, you need to log into the website with your username and password and go to your personal account. 

Both the students and the teachers can download the certificates.

When will the BRICSMATH Online Competition be held?

The BRICS Math Online Competition is held in two rounds: trial and main. The results of the trial round do not affect the results of the main round.

For students of grades 1-11, the trial round and the main rounds will take place in autumn of 2021.

How do you participate in BRICSMATH Online Competition

For TeachersTeachers sign up on the website and register their students online.

For StudentsStudents get their individual logins and passwords from teachers and start solving the tasks on any device connected to the Internet

How can the teacher get access for BRICS Math Online Competition 2021?

To get access to the Competition you need to go through the registration process at the site
Please note that the email address you enter during the registration will be your login. To confirm the registration,
we will send you an email with your login and password. You can always change the password in your personal account.

How can the student get access for BRICSMATH Online Competition?

Using the login and the password, you need to log in to your personal account at and create an electronic class list.

You need to enter the name, surname and gender of each student and the system will generate logins and passwords.

After that, print out logins and passwords and give them to your students. Using these logins and passwords,
students can take part in the trial and the main rounds of the BRICS Math Online Competition. Each teacher can register an unlimited number of classes and students.

How to organise the BRICS Math Online Competition in your school?

To organise the BRICS Math Online Competition you need an access to the Internet and a computer with a modern browser (instead of the computer you can use a laptop or a tablet computer). Each participant should have his own computer, the working capacity of which must be checked before the start of the main round.

Each student can take part in the main round only once, there are no second attempts.

Therefore,BRICS strongly recommend you to use a trial version in a couple of days before the start of the BRICS Math Online Competition. To do this, ask your students to sit in front of the computers. Inform them that in order to participate in the BRICS Math Online Competition they need to go to the site and enter the login and the password that you gave them. After this, allow them to solve the problems from the trial round. If you experience technical problems, please contact your school system administrator.

Most likely, it will be necessary to update the web browser or check the Internet connection.

Please Note : If you use a laptop or a computer, we recommend installing the latest version of Google Chrome

Also the following web browsers are supported by the site: Google Chrome 44 or higher, Firefox 43 or higher, Safari 9 or higher. If you have an iPad – use Safari and iOS 9 or higher. The work of the Competition site with other browsers is not guaranteed.

Register and compete on the website


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