What is APAAR One Nation One Student ID Card ?

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APAAR: One Nation One Student ID Card

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APAAR ID is going to be aspirational and global document for students

The Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry (APAAR) is a transformative initiative introduced in alignment with the National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020 and the National Credit and Qualifications Framework (NCrF).

It aims to provide a unified and accessible academic experience for students across India by assigning a unique and permanent 12-digit ID to every student, consolidating their academic achievements in one place.

The One Nation One Student ID Card, known as the APAAR ID, is a significant educational initiative introduced by the Indian government. Here are some important points regarding this program:

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Unified Academic Identity: The APAAR ID provides a unique and permanent 12-digit identification number to every student in India, aiming to unify academic records and experiences across the nation.

Aspirational and Global: As emphasized by Union Minister Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, the APAAR ID is intended to be an aspirational and globally recognized document for Indian students, enhancing their credibility and recognition worldwide.

Digital Integration: The APAAR ID is interconnected with other digital educational infrastructures like the Academic Bank of Credit and Digilocker, streamlining operations and ensuring ease of access to academic records and achievements.

Supporting Digital India: Reflecting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for a Digital India, the APAAR initiative contributes to the digitalization of educational records and processes, with 25 crore IDs already created, promoting a seamless and efficient educational environment.

NEP2020 Alignment: The APAAR ID aligns with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, supporting provisions for migration, integration, and competency development without compromising the quality of education.

APAAR: One Nation One Student ID Card
APAAR: One Nation One Student ID Card

Tracking Educational Journey: With the APAAR ID, the educational journey of over 260 million students can be tracked, facilitating better planning and implementation of educational policies.

Ease of Schooling: By providing a Permanent Education Number, APAAR ID aims to simplify and enhance the schooling experience, making education more accessible and less cumbersome for students across India.

Skill and Knowledge Integration: The initiative underlines the importance of integrating skilling with knowledge, as mentioned by NEP2020, ensuring students achieve proficiency in at least one skill aligned with industry needs.

Comprehensive Educational Platform: APAAR is part of a broader ecosystem that includes platforms like Swayam, DIKSHA, and Samarth, aimed at providing relevant and industry-aligned content to students.

Future-Ready Framework: APAAR IDs are part of a transformative educational framework that prepares students for future challenges by ensuring holistic tracking of academic and skill-based achievements.

For more information, visit https://abc.gov.in/

FAQ 1: What is an APAAR ID?

Answer: The APAAR ID is a unique 12-digit identification number given to every student in India, which consolidates all academic records and achievements in one place, facilitating a unified and streamlined educational experience.

FAQ 2: How does APAAR ID benefit students?

Answer: APAAR ID benefits students by simplifying access to their academic records, enabling easy transfer between institutions, and ensuring their achievements are recognized both nationally and globally. It also simplifies various educational processes and services.

FAQ 3: How can students obtain their APAAR ID?

Answer: Students can obtain their APAAR ID through their educational institutions, which will register them in the system. Once registered, students will receive their unique APAAR ID, which will be used for all educational purposes.

FAQ 4: Is the APAAR ID linked to other educational services?

Answer: Yes, the APAAR ID is linked to various educational services like the Academic Bank of Credit and Digilocker, providing seamless access to educational records, certificates, and other important documents.

FAQ 5: Are there any costs associated with obtaining an APAAR ID?

Answer: No, there are no costs associated with obtaining an APAAR ID. It is a free service provided by the government to ensure every student has access to a unified academic identity.

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