Anchoring Script for ‘Dussehra Festival’ for Morning Assembly

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Special Morning Assembly Anchoring Script on DUSSEHRA Program 

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Special Assembly on Dussehra: Lord Shri Ram defeated the demon king Ravana, and to commemorate this victory. We celebrate Dussehra on the tenth day post Navaratri by burning Ravana’s effigies.

Dussehra, a festival that marks the triumph of good over evil, is not just a celebration but a reminder that no matter how immense the evil might appear, its defeat is inevitable when faced with righteousness. Today, as we assemble under the embrace of the early morning sun, let’s draw inspiration from the very essence of Dussehra and vow to defeat the evils within us and in our surroundings.

Sample 1: Special Anchoring Script for ‘Dussehra Festival’ 

Anchor 1: Good morning, everyone! No matter how powerful evil might appear, remember that it will always be conquered by righteousness. As dawn breaks after the darkest hour, good will always prevail over evil. My name is Priya, and I am from Class 9.

Anchor 2: Let’s embrace the spirit of Dussehra by spreading love and kindness. Today, as we come together, let’s rejoice in the victory of virtue and pray for prosperity, health, and well-being for our families, friends, and the world. Let’s seek God’s blessings to endow us with strength and bravery, enabling us to uphold what’s right and challenge the wrong.

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Anchor 1: Without further ado, I extend a warm welcome to our esteemed Chairman, Respected Principal, our beloved teachers, and all the wonderful students gathered here. It’s truly an honor for me to anchor today’s event.

Anchor 2: I now invite Chairman Sir and Principal Ma’am/ Sir to grace the stage for the lamp lighting and worship ceremony. Just as light dispels darkness, may knowledge overcome ignorance. We all seek blessings from Goddess Saraswati. May her grace always be upon us. A heartfelt thank you, Chairman Sir and Principal Ma’am.

Anchor 1: Now, a few words of wisdom always illuminate our path. I invite our revered Principal to share his thoughts with us.

[Principal Special speech on Dusshera Festival]

Anchor 2: Thank you, Sir, for your enlightening words. Indeed, the victory of good over evil demands consistent effort and perseverance. To set the right mood for today’s assembly, we will commence with a Ganesh Vandana. Ganesh Ji, the Lord of beginnings and remover of obstacles, always guides us. I’m delighted to call upon students from Class 10 to captivate us with their performance.

[Students perform the Ganesh Vandana]

Anchor 1: A spectacular performance indeed! Keeping the festive spirit alive, our next treat is a dance dedicated to Lord Ram. Please put your hands together for the talented students of Class 7.

[Class 7 students perform the special dance]

Anchor 2: That was truly mesmerising. Every Dussehra, let’s pledge to tread the path of truth and righteousness. Let’s ensure ego doesn’t cloud our judgment and always pay heed to our inner conscience.

Anchor 1: And with that, we conclude our special Dussehra assembly. A big thank you to everyone for being a part of this. Remember, the spirit of Dussehra is not just about a day’s celebration but imbibing the values it represents in our daily lives.

Anchor 2: Until next time, stay blessed and keep shining!

You can take some points from sample 2 anchoring script on vijaydashmi 

Sample 2: Anchoring Script for Morning Assembly on Dussehra (Vijaydashmi / Vijayadashami)

[The assembly area is decorated with pictures of Lord Rama, the demon king Ravana, and the golden deer. The stage is set. The anchor steps forward with a beaming smile.]

Anchor A: A very warm and vibrant morning to one and all present here. On this auspicious day of Dussehra, we come together, not just to celebrate the victory of Lord Shri Ram over the ten-headed Ravana but to embrace and acknowledge the victory of light over darkness, of truth over falsehood.

[Pause for applause]

Anchor B: Dear Students, Every festival tells a story, and the story of Dussehra is one that has inspired millions for ages. A tale that teaches us resilience, courage, and the importance of standing up for what’s right.

[A group of students starts a short skit on the story of Ramayana, highlighting the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. After the skit, the anchor returns to the stage.]

Anchor A: A big round of applause for our young artists who have wonderfully captured the essence of the Ramayana. Their performance reminds us that the path of righteousness, though filled with challenges, always leads to victory.


Anchor B: Dussehra also teaches us about the impermanence of life. Just like the towering effigies of Ravana that are set alight today, the evils within us too can be burned away, giving way to purity and goodness.

[A student comes forward to sing a devotional song dedicated to Lord Rama. After the song, the anchor continues.]

Anchor A: What a soulful rendition! Music, indeed, has the power to elevate our spirits and connect us with the divine.

[Pause for applause]

Anchor B: As we immerse ourselves in the spirit of Dussehra, let us also remember that the battle between good and evil is not just an external one but also an internal one. Each one of us has the power to make choices that define our character.

[A group of students steps forward to present a dance performance symbolizing the victory of good over evil.]

Anchor A: Truly enchanting! Their graceful moves have left all of us mesmerized. Let’s give them a big round of applause!


Anchor B: As we come to the close of today’s assembly, let’s carry the lessons and the blessings of Dussehra in our hearts. Let every challenge we face remind us of Lord Rama’s perseverance, and let every victory remind us of the divine blessings that always watch over us.

Anchor A: Here’s wishing each one of you a joyous Dussehra. May the divine blessings of Lord Rama always guide, protect, and illuminate your path.

[The assembly concludes with the school anthem.]

Note: This script provides a broad framework. The sequence of events can be adjusted based on the school’s preferences and the elements they wish to include in the assembly.

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List of Activities for for a Special Dussehra Morning Assembly

Activities for Dussehra Activities for Dussehra
Lamp Lighting Ceremony Dance Performance
Invocation Song Craft Exhibition
Short Skit Dussehra Quiz
Dussehra Story Narration Effigy Making
Traditional Dress Day Rangoli Competition
Guest Speaker Poetry Recitation
Musical Ensemble Art Workshop
Value-based Discussion Culmination with Aarti
Reflection Time Acknowledgements and Vote of Thanks
Release of Balloons Dussehra March

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