Anchoring Script for Morning Assembly on 8 October Indian Air Force Day (IAF)

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Morning Assembly Special: Anchoring Script for Indian Air Force Day

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Indian IAF is a strong and formidable air force. Our Air Force is the fourth-largest in the world. Every year on October 8th, we celebrate the prowess, commitment, and valor of our sky warriors. Let’s embark on this journey to understand the significance of this day and how schools can commemorate it with pride and reverence.

IAF Day – 8 October Special Bharatiya Vayu Sena Day Celebration in Schools

The stage is decorated with blue and white balloons, representing the colors of the Indian Air Force. The backdrop displays a majestic fighter jet soaring through the blue skies. The audience settles down as the event begins. Let’s Read Anchoring Script for Morning Assembly on 8 October – Indian Air Force Day (IAF). 

Anchoring Script on Bharatiya Vayu Sena Diwas – Indian Air force IAF Day 

Anchor 1: “A very good morning to all the esteemed teachers, respected principal, and my dear students. Today, we gather to commemorate a special day in the history of our great nation, the Indian Air Force Day.”

Anchor 2: “That’s right! Every year on 8th October, we salute the valiant heroes of our skies, who not only guard our territorial integrity but also inspire countless young minds to dream big and touch the sky with glory.”

Anchor 1: “But before we dive into the depths of this day’s significance, let’s begin with a soulful rendition of our National Anthem. Everyone, please rise.”

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[National Anthem is sung.]

Anchor 2: “Thank you for that harmonious start. The Indian Air Force was officially established on this day, 8th October, back in 1932. Since then, they have played a pivotal role in securing our skies and safeguarding our nation.”

Anchor 1: “Today’s assembly is dedicated to recognizing their sacrifices, bravery, and unparalleled commitment. Let’s start by lighting the ceremonial lamp.”

[Dignitaries light the lamp.]

Anchor 2: “As we bask in the gentle glow of the lamp, we are reminded of the bright flame of courage that burns in the heart of every IAF personnel.”

Anchor 1: “Speaking of courage, we have a short skit prepared by our talented students, showcasing the life of an IAF pilot.”

[Short skit performance ensues.]

Anchor 2: “That was truly moving! It gives us a glimpse into the dedication and discipline required in the life of an Air Force officer.”

Anchor 1: “Absolutely! And to further enlighten us about the IAF, we have invited Wing Commander (Name), a decorated officer, to share his experiences.”

[Guest speaker takes the stage and shares experiences.]

Anchor 2: “Thank you, sir, for that insightful talk. Your words not only educate but also inspire.”

Anchor 1: “From the roaring engines of fighter jets to the melodic tunes of music, let’s now shift our attention to a special performance by our school band, dedicated to the heroes of the sky.”

[Music performance ensues.]

Anchor 2: “Wow! That was a spectacular performance. Music has this unique ability to evoke emotions and pay tribute in the most beautiful way.”

Anchor 1: “Indeed! As we approach the end of today’s assembly, let’s take a moment to reflect on the valor and dedication of the Indian Air Force.”

Anchor 2: “We encourage each one of you to take a leaf out of their book. Strive for discipline, aim for excellence, and above all, be ready to serve the greater good.”

Anchor 1: “On this note, we’d like to thank everyone who contributed to making this assembly a memorable one. We once again salute the indomitable spirit of the Indian Air Force.”

Anchor 2: “Jai Hind!”

Anchor 1: “Jai Hind!”

air force anchoring script
air force anchoring script

Anchoring Script for Morning Assembly on 8 October – Indian Air Force Day (IAF) Sample 2

Indian Air Force Day: Anchoring Script for Morning Assembly

Student/Anchor 1: “Good morning, respected teachers and dear students. Today, we gather here not just to start another day, but to celebrate the valor and prowess of our magnificent Indian Air Force on its commemorative day.”

Student/Anchor 2: “Absolutely! The Indian Air Force was officially established on this very day, October 8th, back in 1932. Since then, it has soared the skies, guarding our nation and representing our strength.”

Student/Anchor 1: “Did you know that our Air Force, also known as ‘Bharatiya Vayu Sena’, not only safeguards our territory but also provides vital support during natural calamities?”

Student/Anchor 2: “Indeed. From the Gujarat cyclone in 1998 to the devastating tsunami in 2004, the IAF has always been at the forefront, aiding our citizens and showcasing their unwavering commitment.”

Student/Anchor 1: “Let’s now invite our Principal/Chairperson to share a few words on this special day.”

Student/Anchor 2: “Thank you, Sir/Mam, for your inspiring speech.

Student/Anchor 1: “The motto of our IAF is ‘Touch the Sky with Glory’. A motto they live by, as they constantly push their limits and aim for the stars.”

Student/Anchor 2: “Speaking of stars, here’s a shining performance by our junior batch, depicting the strength and discipline of the Indian Air Force through a dance.”

[Brief pause as the performance takes place]

Student/Anchor 1: “That was truly an electrifying performance! Now, as we continue to revel in the spirit of the day, let’s remember some facts about the IAF. Did you know that the IAF ranks as the fourth largest operational air force in the world?”

Student/Anchor 2: “Yes, and they employ about 170,000 personnel and boast over 1,400 aircraft. Their actions in various wars, peacekeeping missions, and relief operations truly make us proud.”

Student/Anchor 1: “As we conclude our special assembly today, let us remember to salute our sky guardians every time we spot them soaring above. Their sacrifices and dedication allow us to sleep peacefully at night.”

Student/Anchor 2: “Let’s end today’s assembly with a salute to our Indian Air Force. Jai Hind!”

Anchoring Tips for Indian Air Force Day

Anchoring Script Tips for Indian Air Force Day: Celebrating the Valour of Our Air Warriors

Stay Informed: Read about the latest IAF operations, achievements, and milestones.

Use Gestures: When talking about the sky or aircraft, use hand gestures to signify flying or soaring.

Connect with the Audience: Share personal stories or experiences related to the IAF, if any.

Dress Appropriately: Consider wearing the tricolor or shades of blue to resonate with the Air Force theme.

Participate Now : Indian Air Force Day Quiz 

Activities for Morning Assembly on Indian Air Force Day

Indoor Activities Outdoor Activities
1. Speech by an Air Force veteran 1. Flag hoisting ceremony
2. Presentation on IAF history 2. Miniature plane flying contest
3. Patriotic song performance 3. Physical training demonstration
4. Quiz on Indian Air Force facts 4. March-past by school’s NCC cadets
5. Storytelling of IAF heroes 5. Air Force themed relay race
6. Crafting session: making IAF badges 6. Kite flying in IAF colors
7. IAF documentary screening 7. Tug-of-war (Air theme)
8. Skit on life in the Air Force 8. Mimicry contest of plane sounds

Note: Depending on the resources and space available, schools can choose or adapt activities from the table above.

Thoughts on Indian Air Forces Day 

Here are 6 best quotes on Indian Air Force:

Touch the sky with glory.” – Indian Air Force motto

“The Indian Air Force is the pride of our nation, and its brave airmen are the sentinels of our skies. They have always stood guard over our country, and have made us proud on many occasions. I salute their courage and dedication.” – Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

“The Indian Air Force is a highly professional and motivated force. It is one of the best in the world, and is capable of meeting any challenge.” – Air Marshal VR Chaudhari, Chief of the Air Staff

“The Indian Air Force is a symbol of our country’s strength and power. It is a force that is to be reckoned with.” – Manohar Parrikar, former Defence Minister of India

“The Indian Air Force is a force for peace and stability in the region. It plays a vital role in protecting our country from external threats.” – J.N. Dixit, former Foreign Secretary of India

“The Indian Air Force is a symbol of our country’s commitment to excellence. It is a force that is always striving to be the best.” – Air Marshal BS Dhanoa, former Chief of the Air Staff

10 Important GK Questions and Answers for Morning Assembly:

Question: When do we celebrate Indian Air Force Day every year?

Answer: October 8

Question: Where is the Air Force Day celebrated annually?

Answer: Hindon base

Question: What rank does the Indian Air Force hold amongst the world’s air forces in terms of personnel and aircraft assets?

Answer: Fourth

Question: On which date was the Indian Air Force officially established?

Answer: October 8, 1932

Question: Who holds the rank of Supreme Commander of the Indian Air Force?

Answer: The President of India

Question: What’s the motto of the Indian Air Force?

Answer: ‘Touch the Sky with Glory’

Question: How many personnel does the Indian Air Force employ?

Answer: About 170,000

Question: How many wars did the IAF participate in with Pakistan after independence?

Answer: Four

Question: In which year did the IAF take part in relief operations for the Gujarat cyclone?

Answer: 1998

Question: What’s the name of the relief mission the IAF participated in for Sri Lanka?

Answer: Operation Rainbow.


Today, we celebrated the Indian Air Force Day and recognized the bravery of our sky warriors. Their dedication reminds us to aim high in our own lives. Let’s carry forward the inspiration from today and always remember the heroes who guard our skies. Jai Hind!

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